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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pedales de Lava. Pedals of Lava Lanzarote in a pure state.

After a fast week in Tarragona, I return to the backpack live. This time I travel with three friends and an objective ... Make the route with mountain bike Pedals of lava, which covers the island ofLanzarote and La Graciosa.

The route of Pedales Lava is by a type of terrain that makes hard route, but with the greatsvolcanic landscapes of the island's at the background.

This trip I've already planned before returning to Tarragona. Santi and Jordi were plotting to do this trip, and I arrange the dates to go with them and convince David for joining us ... I am super happy to go one week trip with my friends!

We have coordinated all with www.pedalesdelava.com who have been great. (Nowadays is www.vulcanbike.com/)

We do the route in 5 stages:1- Puerto del Carmen - Orzola. 66km i 390m asc.acumul.
2- La Graciosa. 31 km i 300m asc. acuml.
3- Orzola - Caleta de Famara. 53km i 1300m asc. acumul.
4- Caleta de Famara - Playa Blanca. 71km i 750m asc. acumul.
5- Playa Balnca - Puerto del Carmen. 34km i 700m asc. acumul.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Back Home, back to Tarragona

Whether I arrived to London in 15 minutes in advance, I arrive at Reus airport 45 minutesprematurely! So no one was waiting for me! Jordi and my mother arrives in 5 minutes ... I am at home!

After 528 days around the world I'm back in Tarragona. Here I have my family, friends and many places with many good memories.

The most striking news has been the baby boom has happen in to my closest circle of friends ... It will be hard to remember it cost me all the new names!

It has been great to make this dream I had for the past ten years. I've done in my rhythm, meeting many people along the way, doing a lot of CouchSurfing (which I will continuedoing it when I have my own house) and I knowing myself a little more each day, letting myintuition guide me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And London when I came back too

Low cost airlines from New York to London for 200 € means that you will have an small aircraft that has uncomfortable seats for many hours without food and making a stopover in Reykjavik for 3 hours.

I can’t complain for the price, right!

The plane arrive 15 minutes earlier at my London, a second home for me. It has been a long time since I stepped territory I known (such as 16 months and a half!)

I stay at the Yasmine's home as is now common in my visits to London.

I stay just a few days, but we have lot of time to chat about the trip with Chantal, her roommates and job friends …

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York and Philadelphia

New York

A month and a half ago I bought a plane ticket Bogota to New York with Sprites Airlaines (240€). I was in Iquitos and I decided to make the leap to New York because I've always been curious to know it, and why not say it, is cheaper to fly to USA and then to Europe from South America that directly.

So, my first stop is Miami (scale and do migration). I have just time todo all the controls and inspections of luggage, and there is a huge queue of people ...

At the final step controls where I have to check the suitcase to NY I realize that I don’t have my small baggage! First, Panic! And after analyzing the situation, I think I left it at the last baggage check ...

I check in the large suitcase and go to see how I can get to last checkpoint, is banned and we say that I go with someone of the company ... Employees say the company or juice accompany me and that I have to do a claim to them to receive by mail my luggage ... Fuck!

I try to access the checkpoint again, and I speak with police, who want to HELP. Accompanies me to the checkpoint ... and my suitcase is there! At the end of the tape ... Ufff.

So I take the plane to New York La Guardia Airoport ...

In New York I stayed with Jong Dae (South Korea), a friend I made at the Walk in Huaraz (Peru) , and has some friends that can host me in Queens ...

So the first thing I do to get to New York is calling it. Is 11:30 at night and the phone has given me doesn’t exist! Ouch what day that I have!

I make time at Airport. I connect to the Internet through computers for some coins that aren’t very quick to leave a message ... there isn’t free Wifi

I stay the night at the airport. There are many people that are waiting to cach a flight at 6 am, ...

In the morning ... 7am ... still have not answered from DJ (Dae Jong), so I decided to go to Manhattan to find accommodation. At 8 am already in the Hostelling International ... Very expensive! 50 U.S. $ per night for a shared room! I left my baggage there.
New York
I go for a walk through Central Park which is two hundred meters from the Hostel. I walk until I find the Solomon R. Guggengeim Museum. There is a small cue, is not open yet. And as if it is a signal, starts to rain lightly. So, I visit the museum! I like the building and the main display of conceited Lee: Marking Infinity. I spend many hours inside the museum.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Villa de Leyva and Bogotà

And... I’m back in Bogotá! After a long trip from Salento... At Pereira Greta and I take diferents directions.

At Bogotá Mauricio and Carlos are specting me. We’ve arranged to go to Villa de Leyva next day...
I sleep a lot, do laundry and watch a movie ...

And at the afternoon Alex and Stella collect me with Carlos to go on the road. The Muricio was with Natalia and Gladys. We are a good bunch!

Three hours to arrive in this charming town of Villa de Leyva, known for its cobblestone streets, colonial houses, restaurants and its location within the valley. First, look for accommodation and leave the baggage. Under a light rain we find la Española Hotel, a cozy hotel close to the huge and pleasant Plaza Mayor. And to have some Margarita’s at the Plaza!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medellin and the Eje Cafetero

At the bus station in Medellin I say goodbye to Greg and Marie.

Medellin is a good city.

After a walk through the center and the highest neighborhood (with the highest underground cable), I watch a movie The arnacoeur (Heartbreaker, Pascal Chaumeil 2010) at Center Colombo Americano. A comedy that made me laugh and think a little too ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cartagena and Playa Blanca

When we arrive in Cartagena we look for accommodation with Greg and Marie, near the walled city. We find what we look for, economic and well-located.

In the morning I take a walk around the walled center. I love it! Narrow streets and colonial houses with well-preserved courtyards, cafes, shops and walls ... although be very different, the rhythm is similar to the inside walls of Tarragona.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Guajira. A few days in Cabo de la Vela

From Santa Marta we take a bus to the last cuatrovias before Rioacha to take a Collectivetaxi till Uribia from where a transformed Pick Up to transport people and materials goes to Cabo de la Vela.

Here there aren’t many things to do besides watch the calm it exudes.

We find a family that has accommodation rooms 3 meters from the sea in a very affordable price ... the marriage is also leading the restaurant, they are friendly and great cook.

The first day, after the magnificent sunset, we eat "lobster in garlic" with a few beers from Venezuela (so close to the border, there is a lot of smuggling). Great!

A swim in turquoise water to start the day, waiting for an arepa with oats and a tinto(coffee) for breakfast.
We walk to the piles of sugar, a sacred mountain with a pretty beach and that the road is over a pond full of birds.

The sunset view from the lighthouse is only 45 minutes walk from the village.
I decide to stay a day longer than I planned. To do Not do anything besides read, sleep and swim.
Before the latest garlic lobsters for dinner, we ran to the Lighthouse with Greg and Marie ... I love it!

In the morning (5am) we take the Pick Up to get back to Santa Marta.

And after resting in Santa Marta, all the way to Cartagena …

Some photos
2011-08-Guajira (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/E4jELzq4RbgwJj6B6

Versió catalana

Monday, August 29, 2011

Magdalena. Santa Marta and Tayrona

I arrive at Santa Marta and I go direct to Taganga by motorbike. Taganga us a smal village next to the beach, fisherman's and gringos. I have arrived to the Colombian Caribbean sea.

After choosing a hostel ( I choose the Ocean Reef hostel, smal and cheap) I go for lunch and also to watch the final of the European Super Cup... Barça wins!!!!

The night bus ride leave me without energyt, I rest for a bit at the hostel. When the sunlight disappears, I go for diner with three Chileans girls that stay as well at the hostel. There is some Gringo party like Salou (summer cheap holiday destination)... I have enough of Taganga.

Early morning I go to Santa Marta with an light backpack for a three days trekking in the Tayrona National Park. I buy food and water before I take the bus to the Park. 

Map of a part of Parque Nacional Tayrona

This is spectacular pretty. The sea, the jungle and the mountains goes toghether and even the high number of visitors still maintain some virgin spirit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Santander. Barichara, Guane and San Gil

It took a very long bus journey to arrive at Barichara. The traffic was the main reason...
In Barichara you can see a village with that takes care of the town... you can see restored houses, painted white and blue and a streets with a very relaxed atmosphere.
After find accommodation in a residence pretty goodl, I go for a walk to see the town at night and eat something.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bogotà and wedding at Espinal!

Leaving the Amazon
I arrive at Bogota arround 17h, and I go by local bus to a hostel in the center of bogota. The day after I’ve arrange to go walking with a Couchsurfer, and host me for two nights...
At the hostel I see that I have a missatge on Facebook of Ana Milena (the Colombian girl that I meet in China one year ago). This weekend is in Bogota and we said that we could meet. She have party with her friends and she invites me... Of course I go!
After find the apartment, I meet again with Ana (after a year I haven’t go back home, and I’m meeting people that I meet traveling!). The group of friends are mostly ex-collages of the work she did in the Expo of Shanhai.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Santa Rosa, Leticia and Tabatinga

Leaving Iquitos has been dificult and I know I’ll come back someday.

The fast boat leave me at Santa Rosa (Peru) where I have to walk a kilometer to get the stamp out tof Peru. The tied of the amazon river is low and all the land distances increase.
Once we have the stam out, we cross to the other side of the river (I’m traveling with a one couple of dominicans and a couple of english) to Leticia (Colombia), and we look for accomodation.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Iquitos with La Restinga

Iquitos, the city that is more away by road of the world, is at the middle of the peruvian amazon.

I always had in mind to come here in my route around south america because Isabel Sánchez (Chata for the friends from Iquitos and of the Associació Sura), she always have talk to me about Iquitos and the Associación La Restinga that do educational work at all levels in the most needed areas of Iquitos (Barrio Libre de belen) and at some communities “ribereñas” does programs to strengthen their identity and prevent a possible but almost certainly social exclusion.

So folowing the indications of Isabel I go directly to La Restinga. I have two names, Puchin (the director) and Itala (the coordinator of Crea Belen project). They Both are on holidays... and I meet Carmen (a Professional of the Crea Project) and Yolita (the administrator), they give me a good welcome.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the way to Iquitos

We arrive at Trujillo early morning. Adrià and I want to keep on the way the same day, so I look for transportation to Tarapoto and he looks to Equador.

My bus leaves at 3 PM, so I have few hours to visit the city of Trujillo .

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca

Waiting for the bus i have to take to Huaraz I meet Toni (Valencia), another traveler around South America. And after the night bus ride that we gain 3000 meters of altitude, we look for accommodation together.
As Toni, I want to not waste time in Huaraz, so we find a tour to the Santa Cruz 4 days trekking the next morning.
The accomodation (El Refugio) have views of the Cordillera Blanca, WiFi, kitchen and a sink for washing clothes... and cheap!

The rest of the day I visit the market, I bring a pants to fix (here they arranged everything ...) and I rest.
On the hike tour we end up being 11! ... a South Korean (Dae Jong), a New Zealander, one French girl, one Austrian girl, one Czech girl and two girls from United States. It’s a very varied group.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I see the ocean after a few months during the bus ride that is taking me to the Capital of Peru.
I am doing CouchSurfing in the Lis family house, she is a teacher and student.
She have to correct some exams and also have to study ... and I need some time to rest...
Is Sunday, and for lunch we go to eat ceviche! My afternoon is another relax time after the 20-hour bus ride.
Lis lives with hes family (grandmother, parents and brothers) in a very convenient area and 200 meters from the Museo de la Nación.
We go biking before go to sleep with Lis. In the area there are many bike paths and sports outdoors. A perfect plan to sleep well.
I go to visit the Miraflores district (which is commercial) and where you can see the remains pre-Incas Huaca Pucllana, a pyramid built of adobe and are recovering from oblivion.

From there I walk to the neighbourhood of Barranco, a more bohemian neighbourhood that I spend all the afternoon walking around.
When I return home I feelt sick... not a good lunch menu... So I rest.
At the morning I go visit the Museo de la Nacion, Lis has recommended me the photography exhibition.
Chifa home made rice at home for lunch and I go with Lis to the Micro Cento of Lima.
She shows me the places I shoud visit
Next morning I visit the Micro Cento, the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI), the House of Literature and I have lunch at the chinese quarter.
I walk until it is time to return to collect your luggage and say goodbye to the Lis and her family.
I’m taking a bus to Huaraz...

Some photos
2011-07-Lima (PER) https://photos.app.goo.gl/izFRn7iRgFdYuiru6

Versió catalana

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Cuzco… To see Machu Picchu

The journey from Copacabana to Puno has been very long ... 15 hours throught secondary roads bordering the north of the Lake Titicaca. We stamped out of Bolivia in Yunguyo. We could not get the stamp of the entrance to Peru... the immigration office was without electricity.

At the border that we realy cross, we changed the bus, and divide all of us in one van and one bus that will take us to Juliaca. I had to go in the van. We were much faster than the bus for these bads roads.
When we arrived at Juliaca we find the road blocked with stones on the road. The driver tried to go across the fields until he reached the next bridge that gaves access to the city. This bridge is blocked by hundreds of farmers protesting for the mining companies that wants to install factories on their land.

We crossed the river by foot with the backpack on, and walked a kilometer to found the bus that is drives us to Puno. After we cross we saw that the farmers start to burn tires on the bridge ...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Copacabana and Isla del Sol

Copacabana ...
Fish! Trout for dinner at the sea front and sunset on the Lake Titicaca for the background. I found a very affordable and decent accommodation.

In the morning I go by boat to Isla del Sol. I left almost three-quarters of the backpack at the hostel. I feel light.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

La Paz and Coroico

When we get to La Paz we just can rest. We do a little walk and that’s all. It’s freezing…
I download the second and third book of the trilogy of Stieg Larsson in English and epub format, and together with Calibre program you have an Ebook in your computer.

In the following day, after breakfast we go to walk La Paz. We go to Plaza Murillo and then we split to go to the lookout of Killi Killi. I’m going walking and the Ana’s try to go by bus.
The views of the lookout are spectaculars. I don’t see the Ana’s anywhere... theoretically they should arrive before by bus than walking...

I wait twenty minutes and then I keep going to visit the city. I love Calle Jaen!
Narrows streets with houses and museums that make this area very quiet and relaxing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rurrenabaque and The Pampas

The path to Rurre is long way unsalted. This goes on a side of rivers and lagoons, crossing the savanna and parts of the jungle.

At the bus I start to read hardly the book in English “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, the first volume of the trilogy of Stieg Larsson. I started few weeks ago but I didn’t read more than a chapter.

It’s dark when we arrive at Rurre, we find the accommodation Alojamiento Japón, that for 25B per person we have a room with private bathroom.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Puerto Villaroel, Santa Cruz, Samaipata and Trinidad

From Cochabamba to Puerto Villaroel we see a really radical change of the landscape. We pass from almost no vegetation to a tropical forest in only two hours.

The great Final we watched at Ivirgarsama, a village 20 minutes by car to Puerto Villaroel.
It was unbelievable how Barcelona take over Manchester United... great match!

Once we are the Champions of Europe, we go to Puerto and we try to get the information of the options to go up on the river till Trinidad. The river is in a really low tide and the boats that go direct to Trinidad (4-5 days) are not running. The only option is to go with a fishing boat to the half way and then take another boat to Trinidad.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cochabamba and Torotoro

At Cochabamba we arrive very early morning, at 5:30AM. We want to try to go straight to Torotoro where there is the Parque Nacional de Torotoro. We ask at the Touristic Information at the bus station that is open at this time (unbelievable). They inform us (wrongly) that there is a bus that leaves at 6AM from the other side of the town.
Taxi to there. But we don’t see any sign of any bus to Torotoro. Buses to everywhere except to where we want to go.
We finally the bus office that goes there. Is close and there is a note on the door with the new timetable, 6PM...
So we have 12 hours for Cochabamba. First of all we wait that the office open to buy the tickets and to leave the backpacks there.

So, how to get to Torotoro and where to stay? http://wikitravel.org/en/Torotoro_National_Park#Get_in  where you can find timetables of all the companies that run this route.

After this we go to the centre to have breakfast, walk, take some information of the national Park and try to get Anna Vaccine.
The Vaccine will have to wait. Only till 11AM

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sucre and surroundings

We arrive at Sucre when is already dark, we look after accommodation in the centre, we find a cheap place. It’s not perfect, but we wanted to stay only one night in Sucre and go at the surrounding areas of Sucre to do a trek of some days.

We have dinner at the Market, is a sure bet in Bolivia. A big dish of rice, fried potatoes, some meat and a bit of salad for 10 Bolivians (1€). We drink a maracuya juice that prepares a woman on the other side of the market, and the woman that serves us the food makes a loud notice to the other to have tree glasses for us.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


We arrive at the highest city in the world (4070m) after midnight. We take a taxi to the Hostal La Casona that we have been recommended. A colonial house with tree back yards and plenty of rooms. Our room for tree people cost 45 Bolivians per person with breakfast. There are more cheap options, but after the tour and the bus ride, we deserve a little bit more comfort, no?
In the morning we walk the city, its Sunday and there is a lot of activity. We saw on the street a kids from one school that are preparing a street dance for the next weekend with live music along the streets.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4x4 Tour from Tupiza to Uyuni

We start the tour in Tupiza at 8 in the morning. In Our Land Cruise we are Ismael (the driver and theoretically the guide), Fortunata (the chef), Simon (Londoner half Spanish) with his partner Jacky (Irland), Tristan, Anna and me.
The past night has been raining a little bit, and half an hour after we start the trip start to rain lightly again. Is that lightly that end up to become snow!!!
All the peaks of the mountains are with snow at the top and the formation of El Sillar is surrounded by a very big clouds.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After crossing the border to Bolivia walking, we arrive at Villazón where we exchange money and look after transportation to Tupiza. There is a radical change with the people on the streets, shops and prices.
We find a mini bus for 15 Bolivianos (1,5€) for a trip of one hour and a half.
And we descent from 3400m of Villazón to 2950 of Tupiza through valleys much more greens every time and more agriculture.
At Tupiza we find cheap and good accommodation very fast (25b, around 2,5€ for bed) next to an agency that we will finally take the tour to Uyuni with them.
We go to discover this small city. First of all, we withdraw money from the bank because there are no ATM’s. We walk through the black market where you can find everything that you can imagine. We also visit the main market and we are also asking some agencies about what they offer and prices. Generally they all offer the same with very similar price.
When we go back at the accommodation, we contract the tour with the agency “El Grano de Oro” for 1100 Bolivians plus tree hours of horse ride for free near Tupiza.
We have dinner at the hostel and straight to the bed.
In the Morning we do the tree hours horse ride through Puerta del Diablo (Devil Gate), the Valle de los Machos and el Cañon del Inca. The guide (about 15 years old) leave the horses to their way, and we end up going very fast through the landscapes very similar to the ones we’ve seen in the movies of far west. Very Impressive experience and very hard physical exercise.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Quebrada de Hurmamarca

The bus from San Pedro de Atacama leaves me at Purmamarca, the first village of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. The bus journey has been spectacular crossing the Andes through points higher than 5000m, crossing the Salar Grande and going down through a snake road. Next to me seats Julie (South Africa) and we talk and talk.

Purmamarca is a small village with adobe houses just at the bottom of the Cerro de los Siete Colores.
I have to meet here with Anna where the buses stop. She is coming from Salvador de Jujuy.

We stay in a dorm of one camping, and we go to eat a pizza.
Walking along the village we see a bar with live musical, traditional music from the area. We drink a beer listening the local trio.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

San Pedro de Atacama

I arrive at San Pedro d’Atacama at noon. The sun is strong and I go to look for the accommodation that I booked, Backpackers Hostel. I have been recommended by the hostel in Pisco Elquí and at the blog of Francesc, Rutabaobab . A tiny hostel very comfy and familiar where you can organize tours cheaper than at the travel agencies in the village.

There I meet Daniella (Holland) and w ego for a walk around the small village, we have a coffee and fish for lunch at one of the many restaurants in the adobe buildings. She joins me to watch the match Barça 1 – Moudrid 1 that gives Barça access to the final of the Champions League!
Next morning I go to visit Tatio Geysers. They pick me up at 4:30 from the hostel to arrive there at 6:30 at the valley of Tatio to see the moment of maximum activity of this geothermic field at 4321m. You can feel the -10ºC. Luckily once the sun appears, the temperature goes up fast.

After go through the Altiplano watching fauna and flora we go to Machuca village a 4200m, and then we go to the valley of Cactus on the way to San Pedro de Atacama.
At the afternoon another tour! I want to make the day worth it. This one with Daniella and we visit the Valle de la muerte, the quebrada de Ckari and the Valley of the Moon before go to watch the sunset at the lookout of the desert and with the Valley of the Moon at our foods. What can I say...fantastic!

When we go back at Atacama, Daniella meets one friend and we go all together to have dinner... I have beef!
I sleep till late and after lunch I go on another tour, this one is to Laguna Cejar, lagoons with water tree times more salty than the ocean and that’s why you float in it! They have 35 meters depth, but you don’t go down... great! And when I go out I have all my skin white of salt. After this we visit the Ojos del Salar, two holes fills up of fresh water in the middle of the dessert. I have a swim to take out the salt of my body. To end this tour we visit the Salar of Tebinquiche, where a part of the salar you have a great perspective of the Andes and the desert. There we watch the sunset with a glass of Pisco Sour.

I have dinner with Daniella and her friend again to say goodbye because I go to Argentina and they are going to Peru.
Yes Yes, Argentina again! I was interested to do a 3 day tour on 4x4 to Bolivia visiting the Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa and the Salar of Uyuni, but I prefer to go to the north of Argentina to visit the Quebrada de Humahuaca and got in to Bolivia from there. The tour I wanted to do it from Bolivia, much cheaper and more natural things to see.
So, next morning I take a bus to Purmamarca crossing the Andes again.

I really enjoyed those days in San Pedro de Atacama, a little bit too many tours, but for me worth it.

Some photos
2011-05-San Pedro de Atacama (CHI) https://photos.app.goo.gl/fFpxvfW4jMZ5npHN9

Versió catalana

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Valle del Elqui, where the sky and the Pisco comes together

I arrive at Pisco Elqui at the evening, its dark. I changed bus at La Serena to get here, Pisco Elqui.
I stay at Hostal San Pedro. Here I meet Daniel (Switzerland), he is traveling by bike. We go for a walk around the small and empty village. We go back at the hostel to have some beers before sleep.

Next morning me and Daniel we go for a walk near Pisco Elqui. We walk as much as we can rich because the sun is heating hard and the mountains are without trees.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One year traveling around

Yeah, already a year that I’ve start this travel adventure that came’s from a wish when I was 20, and I was living in London.

I have been in many places that I wanted to go like Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Australia and Patagònia. I also visit places that weren’t on my first plan and have surprised me like Perhentian island in Malaysia, the south of China, Chiloe, Iguaçu and the south of Brazil.

I thought about taking the flight back that I have for now (The Roundtheworld ticket is only valid for 12 months) or not, but didn’t take me a lot of time to decide to make a little bit longer my trip.

So, I’ll be traveling on my rhythm along faraway lands sending posts telling what I am doing.

The Rhythm of the traveler, apart to be personal, changes every day you wake up. From the sun light that came’s from the window or from the clock alarm that warn you that you have to do the Check-out of the hostel or you have to run to catch a bus.

Because I am moving all the time, I have to take a lot of transports, sleep in so many different places, try to bargain always for save some money that can help to do another thing (you can see I am not like a politician here..). Because there are activities that one wants to do it and even there are expensive, when you are there you have to pay and enjoy it.
Do a long time travel is like having a job without fix hours and no holidays. The good thing is that you have chosen to do it.

Those days in Santiago I’ve stayed at Luis (Germán brother) place and his family. Has been three days of personal time, choosing staff that I send to Tarragona (at the end I send 10kg!), to relax a little and watch the match MOUdrid 0 – Barça 2.
My camera has been affected for crossing the Andes and in two days didn’t work at all. Luckily after two days work again before I bought another new one.

Right now I have Valle del Elqui, the desert of Atacama and Bolivia in my mint. My closest future. As I want to continue making real my wishes, I’m going there.

Versió catalana

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mendoza, wine and mountains

I arrive at Mendoza around 9 in the morning. At the bus station I get information on how the get to Puente del Inca and if there is an options to continue to Santiago from there. It’s possible. Around the station Mario is giving information about his hostel, I take the brochure and we chatted a bit.

I go to his hostel, and almost without unpacking the backpack, I meet Virginia (Chile) that she is going to bike around the wineries of Maipú. I join her without thinking.

We started visiting the Museo del Vino de la Bodega La Rural, a good introduction to various systems that have been using for years. Then we go to the winery Viña Cerno, where we join a tour of the facilities ...

The following is the winery Bodega Di Tomasso family, here we do a tour and tasting of 5 wines. It is the oldest winery in Maipú.

We are hungry. We stopped at a market to buy something for lunch because is already 15:30 ...

The last winery we visit is the Carinae, we do a tour and tasting. For my taste is the best we’ve been today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Buenos Aires, the second round

After leaving BA by train to Posadas, visit Iguazu, the southern coast of Brazil and Uruguay I returned to Buenos Aires.
This time I stay in San Telmo. I like the atmosphere it breathes, the cobbled streets and bars and restaurants that fill every corner.

I had this thing that sometimes happen when you are looking for something and you cannot find it even if it’s just next to you. We went to San Telmo, and see what hostel we can find, but it seems they have removed the posters... It was imposible to find any. We stop for a coffe with Christina, and we look on internet for specifics directions. We end up at the Asterion Hostel (Peru 1043) quiet and central.
We go to see the neighborhood at night and we eat a steak of chorizo, spectacular!
We were hungry ...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uruguay ... Punta del Diablo, La Paloma, Punta del Este, Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento

The bus from Porto Alegre arrives at Chuí town(BR) at the Brazilian border. Once we pass the customs border office, we walk to the bus stop on the Uruguayan Chuy ...

The line of the border is defined in the middle of one wide street..., it's curious because the telephone cabins, taxis and the signs are different on each side of the street.
I withdraw Uruguayan pesos and I take another bus to Punta del Diablo.

The landscape I see from now on is without large buildings, only small houses a certain distance from the coast, and Virgin Beaches. A magic place.

Now it is low season and there are not many people (for me much better) and prices are cheaper than "normal". We stayed at the Diablo Tranquilo hostel, beach front and very comfortable.
Here you can see all the acomodation options in Punta del Diablo

Once installed, we go by bus to Santa Teresa National Park to visit the Fortress of Santa Teresa, and we walk back along the coast and making some stops to swim at the sea even though the currents are strong.
Relax and sun ...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Porto Alegre

At Porto Alegre I spend the day. I want to take a night bus at 23:30 to the border of Uruguay.
So we left the baggage at the station and walk to the center. We have a cheap and nice lunch at the Mercado Central.


For those who do not know, my middle name is Canela, and my mother is not only first but also Canela Canela middle name! So when I read that there was a beautiful village named Canela it was on my way, I decided to take a look.

Canela is with Gramado (neighboring village), the gateway to several national parks with plenty of water and greenery. With astyle of architecture between German and Swiss Alps, you have to the feeling of being in the Alps.
The most spectacular in the village is the majestic Cathedral of Nossa Senhora Lourdes (also known as Catedral de Pedra), and at night they light in a very colorful way.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra

The gateway we have chosen to go Aparados da Serra is Praia Grande. There are no beach and is not big, but is 10 km from the Trilha do Rio do Boi and 22 of the entrance to the park itself.

In the village we look for accommodation and we end up at HI Nativo dos Canyons... I do camping and Christina shared room. The place is fine, but I left feeling that the person who runs the place is not very helpful.

We spoke with the woman runs the hostel to see how we can make Trilha do Rio do Boi (which can only be done with local guide), she gives us the prices list... the same amount applies for 4 persons than only for one (140 Reales, around 70€) and excluding transportation! We don’t find nobody else to ask if wants to share the costs ... So, we finally take the guide with the condition that he will pick up to save transportation (40 Reales, about 20 €)
After all the headache of thinking about the guide, I plant the tent, and 5 minutes starts to rain hard... I think the tent needed a wash, but not like that!
At 8 am, the guide picks up us, and we go towards the river do Boi.
We put some protection to the possible cuts of stones river and start walking towards the songs do Itaimbezinho (in Tupi-Guarani language Ita means stone and Aí'be means sharpening).
We cross the river about 30 times! With shoes and water almost the waist.
The valley it goes closing until it begins Canyon with its high stone walls and granite with waterfalls and water leaks everywhere.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ilha de Santa Catarina

We arrived at Florianopolis at 21h, and leave the bus to get in another local bus to go to Barra da Lagoa where there is a hostel that we have been recommended "Barra Beach Club”.
It is really high recommended. The situation, the views and the atmosphere makes it difficult to leave this place.

After taking the "Café da Manhã" we went to Armacao, having to do a couple of changes of urban buses, to walk till Pantano do Sulto by the coast. We walk the beach Matadeiro and Lagoinha do Leste that are in a municipal park. Virgin territory.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ilha do Mel, another island that you can get lost.

The bus from Curitiba left me at Pontal do Paraná, and in less than half an hour boat trip I arrive at Ilha do Mel. I choose Encantadas because I’ve hear that is less crowed and more authentic (I think that now march – April all the parts of the island are quiet...).

I stay at Hostel Marimar, that is in at the first line of the beach, and even is good and the breakfast is great, I didn’t really liked... details as the television when is the breakfast and the closing time for the common area at 21:30, are noticeable. The recommendation would be stay at the Encantadas Hostel, which is 20 meters from the beach but much cozier and half price. With what you save you can take a couple of Caipirinyes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curitiba, a great city.

The first stop in Brazil is the city of Curitiba. I stopped here because I've read (Yes yes ...sometimes I read) which is one of the most environmentally sustainable cities.

I CouchSurfing at Ana’s and Guto’s home, a couple very nice and friendly that they have responded very fast my last minute request.
So, once at Rodoferroviaria of Curitiba about 6:30 AM, taxi to Ana’s home as they told me that we could have breakfast together. They live in a flat in the sixth floor, they are super friendly with me and I have a giant bed! Guto is an engineer and Ana a pharmaceutical.
After the super breakfast, we visit the botanical garden and the Largo da Feira Order, a Sunday market that is in the historic center. Delci, a friend of Ana is joining us.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Posades by train and Iguazu Waterfalls

I have a big breakfast at the hostel in Palermo. There are cakes with “Dulce de Leche "(factorias) It's impossible for me to resist.
When I check out I meet a Majorcan!, Mar (Palma), we chatted until I start thinking of going to the train station of Lacroze.
I take the 39 bus that leaves me at the door of the station and I wait at the platform 9 the train..

The Train "The Great Captain", that is how it is said, comes with a delay of half an hour (no problem ... I'm here to make a trip without prey). There are two categories tourists and Preferred, which differ with the comfort of the seat. The train is nearly full, mostly Argentines (say there are 10 foreigners of 200 passengers).
After an hour of traject, we have an incident, an accident with a level crossing. There are a victim and we have to wait for the forensic and taxation. Begins to heat.
After four hours, retake the path. Meadows, forests and rivers is what I got to the window with some ghost towns that only when the train appears people from under the stones to sell sandwiches, drinks, pies, ice cream, etc. ...

Conversations with people are sparse and with little content. I read and listen music (I downloaded Kevin Johansen).

The journey lasted until 21pm the day after I left ... total 34 hours! And I take a bus from Posadas to Puerto Iguazu (6 hours,). When I ask about the bus I meet Pablo and Alfonso (Santa Cruz, AR) who want to do the same. We do “Mates” waiting to leave.

Finally I arrived in Puerto Iguazu! It’s Raining ... I was recommended HI Puerto Iguazu, but first I look at what they have booked Paul and Alfonso, Hostel Park Iguazu. Simplet but cheaper, I stayed!

And the first idea was to relax and go to the falls the next day, but after a shower I decide to go there with two colleagues that I have done with their mate.
Between Mate and Mate we walk the paths and viewpoints of the falls. Many flora and fauna that leaves me mesmerized. We've been very lucky with the weather, the rain in a morning transforms in a sky with sun and some clouds. In the afternoon appears some rainbows that make a good composition with waterfalls ...

For dinner we bought some meat with salat. And as I was reading an email from Anna (my cousin) saying that she was in Puerto Iguazu, I see her in the kitchen with Laura from Valls!
We had dinner together and we chatted until we have wanted to go to bed.

I go back to the park with them. The second day I have 50% discount on entry to the park and I want to walk the Macuco path to a waterfall in which you can take a bath ...
So after the breakfast, no wings falls again!
It is rare to be many hours with someone you know and talking with your tongue. What things are in my head, right?

Returning to the town I buy the bus ticket to Curibita (Brazil). At first I had no intension to go to Brazil, but there is something inside me says that I have and go, and I'm nobody to contradict my feelings ...

At the hostel I do some swimming and relaxation. We had dinner pasta and sleep.

We wake up a little later but not too late ... I have to check it out.
After lounging a bit because the heat is oppressive, we walk to the edge of town where you can see the river that separates Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

And almost running back to the hostel to shelter us from the sun and heat.
At the afternoon I take the bus to the Bazilian, Foz do Iguaçu, I go to the bus terminal (Rodaviaria). On the bus I meet a Basque who lives in Andorra and travels 4 months every year! ... He stay with me until I take the bus ...

Some Photos
2011-03-Iguazu (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/PaZZioEaWcj1bNPCA

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