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Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Posades by train and Iguazu Waterfalls

I have a big breakfast at the hostel in Palermo. There are cakes with “Dulce de Leche "(factorias) It's impossible for me to resist.
When I check out I meet a Majorcan!, Mar (Palma), we chatted until I start thinking of going to the train station of Lacroze.
I take the 39 bus that leaves me at the door of the station and I wait at the platform 9 the train..

The Train "The Great Captain", that is how it is said, comes with a delay of half an hour (no problem ... I'm here to make a trip without prey). There are two categories tourists and Preferred, which differ with the comfort of the seat. The train is nearly full, mostly Argentines (say there are 10 foreigners of 200 passengers).
After an hour of traject, we have an incident, an accident with a level crossing. There are a victim and we have to wait for the forensic and taxation. Begins to heat.
After four hours, retake the path. Meadows, forests and rivers is what I got to the window with some ghost towns that only when the train appears people from under the stones to sell sandwiches, drinks, pies, ice cream, etc. ...

Conversations with people are sparse and with little content. I read and listen music (I downloaded Kevin Johansen).

The journey lasted until 21pm the day after I left ... total 34 hours! And I take a bus from Posadas to Puerto Iguazu (6 hours,). When I ask about the bus I meet Pablo and Alfonso (Santa Cruz, AR) who want to do the same. We do “Mates” waiting to leave.

Finally I arrived in Puerto Iguazu! It’s Raining ... I was recommended HI Puerto Iguazu, but first I look at what they have booked Paul and Alfonso, Hostel Park Iguazu. Simplet but cheaper, I stayed!

And the first idea was to relax and go to the falls the next day, but after a shower I decide to go there with two colleagues that I have done with their mate.
Between Mate and Mate we walk the paths and viewpoints of the falls. Many flora and fauna that leaves me mesmerized. We've been very lucky with the weather, the rain in a morning transforms in a sky with sun and some clouds. In the afternoon appears some rainbows that make a good composition with waterfalls ...

For dinner we bought some meat with salat. And as I was reading an email from Anna (my cousin) saying that she was in Puerto Iguazu, I see her in the kitchen with Laura from Valls!
We had dinner together and we chatted until we have wanted to go to bed.

I go back to the park with them. The second day I have 50% discount on entry to the park and I want to walk the Macuco path to a waterfall in which you can take a bath ...
So after the breakfast, no wings falls again!
It is rare to be many hours with someone you know and talking with your tongue. What things are in my head, right?

Returning to the town I buy the bus ticket to Curibita (Brazil). At first I had no intension to go to Brazil, but there is something inside me says that I have and go, and I'm nobody to contradict my feelings ...

At the hostel I do some swimming and relaxation. We had dinner pasta and sleep.

We wake up a little later but not too late ... I have to check it out.
After lounging a bit because the heat is oppressive, we walk to the edge of town where you can see the river that separates Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

And almost running back to the hostel to shelter us from the sun and heat.
At the afternoon I take the bus to the Bazilian, Foz do Iguaçu, I go to the bus terminal (Rodaviaria). On the bus I meet a Basque who lives in Andorra and travels 4 months every year! ... He stay with me until I take the bus ...

Some Photos
2011-03-Iguazu (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/PaZZioEaWcj1bNPCA

Versió catalana

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