A travel blog of a journey that I started in 2010 and I don't know when it will end ...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fraser Coast

Rainbow beach is a small village very quite at the south of Fraser Island with few backpacker’s ready to be your home before and after the trip to the island.

To be able to do the trip on 4x4 and camp at the island, I have to be in a kind of meeting where they make groups of 8 people (for every car) and they explain the rules of the national park.

My group (A-Team!) we are 4 Scottish, 3 English and me. They are my collages that I’ll expend the next 3 days in Fraser Island.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunshine Coast

I arrive at Noosa after few hours by bus. Here didn’t work the Couchsurfing request, so I chose one of the three or four were waiting at the bus station... Nossa Backpackers Resort (bed in a dorm of 6 people for 25AU$ with breakfast... around 19€).

I relax for a while, but here in Noosa I do a bit of everithing: I walk all the National Park of Noosa, I went for a run by the river and I visit the menglars by cayak.

At the supermarket I bought food to cook, a big sunblock and a gingerbeer!.

At the Backpacker I buy a open bus ticket to Cairns and I booked a package for 3 days at Fraser Island by 4x4 and camping and a 2 day/2night trip by boat around Whitsundays.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gold Coast

I am in Australia!!!

I arrive early morning... Coffee and looking for a local bus to Burleigh Heads where I have to meet with Hinu (New Zealand) from Couchsurfing. I arrive when her kids are going to the school that they have just 500m away from home. Hinu offers to show me the National Park Burleigh Heads after my shower. She offers me to stay in her daughter’s room, she is in a camps for few days, single room!

Coffee “take away” at the beach of Burleigh with views of Surfers Paradise... a touristic zone with high buildings, shops, restaurants, night clubs and surfers.
The National Park is spectacular if we have a look all the buildings are close to (But they always try to preserve the dunes and characteristics places). I had a meat pie for lunch... nice!

At the afternoon I rest at Hinu’s place, and at night we went to have a look at the surfers Paradise, where we have dinner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto again

I arrive to Kobe just after the sunrise. I go from the ferry terminal to the train station like a zombie. There I put my backpack in to a locker, I drink a coffee and I go to the information centre to ask what I can do around.
I decide to do the Sake Breweries of Nada very close to Kobe in the morning and the city centre at the afternoon...
The tastes of Sake make the visit of the breweries more fun.
More information about the Route of the Sake breweries of Nada (Kobe) at: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3556.html

At afternoon I walk through Kobe...till is the time that I have to meet Roger Civit (Tarragona), friend of my sister. We went walking to a tiny coffee shop and drink a green tea with ice at the same time that we are talking about Japan and the cultural differences.

And train to Kyoto, train to Ivan’s house.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hyuga and Beppu

I arrive at Hyuga around 21h... and Sally is waiting for me at the train station for going out with another couchsurfer, Gianni (Sicily) that sleep in another house. We take the backpack at my place and we go out with Japanese friends of Sally.
I finish exhaust. I sleep like a kid.
Next day we have lunch at Sally’s place and at the afternoon we go to the beach to try to surf... Hyuga is a paradise for the surfers. At least are 100 surfers at the main beach and a lot of surfers vans!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kagoshima, Yakushima, and Kirishima-Yaku National Park

I arrive to Kagoshima with a very sunny day watched over by the looming bulk of Sakurajima! I walk around the city centre making time to meet Fiona (Uk) from Couchsurfing and like Cait, she is English teacher in the JET program (Japanese exchange Teachers) . We eat Vietnamese for dinner and we talk with a work college from United States.

Next day I take a ferry to Sakurajima where I do a trekking visiting a couple of volcan observatory, a park by the sea and finishing in a Feed Onsen! (Track)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fukuoka and Iizuka

At Fukuoka I feel lucky because I arrive on the day that a music festival starts, the Music City Tenjin 2010. It’s free and all kinds of music... I’ve listen reggae, rock, singers, jazz and hip hop. I really need some concerts, so I spend all day around.

The ones that I liked more are: Susumoku (Singer), Motoki+Chikkaja (fusion) and Vic Bongo (Reggae).
Between concert and concert I went to see cheap options to travel the next days, after look everywhere, I found a bus 50% off to Kiroshima... I bought it.