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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto again

I arrive to Kobe just after the sunrise. I go from the ferry terminal to the train station like a zombie. There I put my backpack in to a locker, I drink a coffee and I go to the information centre to ask what I can do around.
I decide to do the Sake Breweries of Nada very close to Kobe in the morning and the city centre at the afternoon...
The tastes of Sake make the visit of the breweries more fun.
More information about the Route of the Sake breweries of Nada (Kobe) at: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3556.html

At afternoon I walk through Kobe...till is the time that I have to meet Roger Civit (Tarragona), friend of my sister. We went walking to a tiny coffee shop and drink a green tea with ice at the same time that we are talking about Japan and the cultural differences.

And train to Kyoto, train to Ivan’s house.

After being lazy all day and meet again Ivan, I save myself and I take a shower. I’m going to watch “The red telephone” of Stanley Kubrick at Sylwia’s place with her collages from university and a flat mate. She prepares a typical polish dish, so well!

Next morning I go with Ivan to Osaka to see an exhibition “Man Ray”. Then we went for noodles before Ivan class with a group. I go to visit Osaka...

After Ivan’s class, we went to dinner with some of the students to a Japanese restaurant. The Spanish level of the students is so good!

On Sunday Ivan, Emi and me we go to visit the Royal Palace Gardens of Kyoto with a Picnic on the park included. Emi booked the free visit, it worth!

When we finish, we went for a walk to the Kyoto market and we do a coffee at the Arts school of Kyoto... Beer at Cafe Independants and watch a movie at home.
Emi also booked ticket for me to the Royal Palace. Many big and simple buildings surrounded by magic gardens. At afternoon I go to run through the philosophers path and the river ( Track ), and after we went to dinner with Ivan and one of his student.
I do the last walk around Kyoto, I have lunch at Cafe Independants and I visit again the Geisha’s area. I have dinner with Ivan and Emi. Ivan plays some songs with the shamisen and we play Japanese cards.
We say goodbye.

And the next day to catch the flight to Australia with a book from Ivan: “The ruined map” of Kobe abe.

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