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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Villa de Leyva and Bogotà

And... I’m back in Bogotá! After a long trip from Salento... At Pereira Greta and I take diferents directions.

At Bogotá Mauricio and Carlos are specting me. We’ve arranged to go to Villa de Leyva next day...
I sleep a lot, do laundry and watch a movie ...

And at the afternoon Alex and Stella collect me with Carlos to go on the road. The Muricio was with Natalia and Gladys. We are a good bunch!

Three hours to arrive in this charming town of Villa de Leyva, known for its cobblestone streets, colonial houses, restaurants and its location within the valley. First, look for accommodation and leave the baggage. Under a light rain we find la Española Hotel, a cozy hotel close to the huge and pleasant Plaza Mayor. And to have some Margarita’s at the Plaza!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medellin and the Eje Cafetero

At the bus station in Medellin I say goodbye to Greg and Marie.

Medellin is a good city.

After a walk through the center and the highest neighborhood (with the highest underground cable), I watch a movie The arnacoeur (Heartbreaker, Pascal Chaumeil 2010) at Center Colombo Americano. A comedy that made me laugh and think a little too ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cartagena and Playa Blanca

When we arrive in Cartagena we look for accommodation with Greg and Marie, near the walled city. We find what we look for, economic and well-located.

In the morning I take a walk around the walled center. I love it! Narrow streets and colonial houses with well-preserved courtyards, cafes, shops and walls ... although be very different, the rhythm is similar to the inside walls of Tarragona.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Guajira. A few days in Cabo de la Vela

From Santa Marta we take a bus to the last cuatrovias before Rioacha to take a Collectivetaxi till Uribia from where a transformed Pick Up to transport people and materials goes to Cabo de la Vela.

Here there aren’t many things to do besides watch the calm it exudes.

We find a family that has accommodation rooms 3 meters from the sea in a very affordable price ... the marriage is also leading the restaurant, they are friendly and great cook.

The first day, after the magnificent sunset, we eat "lobster in garlic" with a few beers from Venezuela (so close to the border, there is a lot of smuggling). Great!

A swim in turquoise water to start the day, waiting for an arepa with oats and a tinto(coffee) for breakfast.
We walk to the piles of sugar, a sacred mountain with a pretty beach and that the road is over a pond full of birds.

The sunset view from the lighthouse is only 45 minutes walk from the village.
I decide to stay a day longer than I planned. To do Not do anything besides read, sleep and swim.
Before the latest garlic lobsters for dinner, we ran to the Lighthouse with Greg and Marie ... I love it!

In the morning (5am) we take the Pick Up to get back to Santa Marta.

And after resting in Santa Marta, all the way to Cartagena …

Some photos
2011-08-Guajira (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/E4jELzq4RbgwJj6B6

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