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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medellin and the Eje Cafetero

At the bus station in Medellin I say goodbye to Greg and Marie.

Medellin is a good city.

After a walk through the center and the highest neighborhood (with the highest underground cable), I watch a movie The arnacoeur (Heartbreaker, Pascal Chaumeil 2010) at Center Colombo Americano. A comedy that made me laugh and think a little too ...

Next morning I visiting the zone near the hostel where I stayed, the Poblado, and I decide yo go to Manizales, the capital of el eje cafetero.

I’m luky! in Manizales there is a theatre festival on, Manizales International Theatre Festival and as the day is Fair and not wanting clear up, I see some advantage to know the city works. There are many people everywhere ... incredible!

The next stop is more rural ... vilaging is what I like the most. On the way to Salento to do CouchSurfing, I make a stop in Chinchina to visit the coffee village of Palestine.

And then Pereira to take a bus to Salento... At this bus I meet Agata (Germany) another couchsurfer in salento.

The couchsurfer we are staying is in The La Rosa de los Vientos (Natural Reserve of Civil Society) of Margarita. Is about three kilometers from the village. A reserve that she is beeing taking care the last 18 years. Now she rent rooms and let camping people …

I like the way it is Margarita ... she always say interestings things that surprises people ... This woman has been everywhere at all times!

With Greta we went to visit Salento. The objective is to find a good coffee. We find it, and what coffe we get!

Returning "home" we meet Roland and Steffi (Germany), htey are also couchsurfers ... a whole group! We xat with Margarita until we have wanted to sleep.

In the morning we get up early to go for a walk through the valley of Cocora ... From Salento aboard a Jeep to the entrance of the valley, and we walk the spectacular valley, magical and mesmerizing ...

Back in Salento, we repeated the magnificent coffee and buy food for dinner. Margarita has left the city and has not returned ... ohhh

It feels like we all need a relaxing day ... And I partly do. Until lunchtime I read, we swim in the river, I look at the plants, fall asleep in the hammock ...
And as I start to feel hungry, with all the troop of CS we going to make a menu in a restaurant shaded road that makes it full. We are so full that we bought Aguardiente to put down the food...
We visit the viewpoint at the top of Salento and we have a coffee ...

Margarita didn’t comeback from the city ... In the morning I make my way back to Bogota.

Some photos
2011-09-Medellin y el Eje cafetero (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/p9YDHaBFGAKBgTvG8

Versió catalana

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