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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Siem Reap & Angkor

I'm in Cambodja!
We cross the border in Aranyaprathet checkpoint. We do the Visa at the border for 20$ + 100TBH commition, and after crossing we see 4 big casinos like Las Vegas in front of us...

We have offers of all kinds of transport to travel to Siem Riep (150 Km). we went to the bus station (tourist) terminal to look after more options... Bus 9$ per person, and Taxi for 15$ pp!
We do what you have to do in cambodja, Bargain the price. At the end 20$ for 4 by taxi.

I stayed in My Home, Raul recommendation. Doble room 10$ with breakfast.

Next day I rent a bycicle and I go to visit the Angkor National Museum (10$). Very interesting to understand the history, simbolism of the estructures and shapes before visit the temples.

Angkor Archaeological Park is very big (400 km2).

Map of the Archaeological Park

Next day I woke up early... 4:30! I take the bycicle and go to buy the three day pass that I can use in one week (40$). After i went to Anghkor Wat temple to see the sunrise.
After breakfast time for more bycicle (Roulos Group is about 17 Km far). The sun is getting strong and you have to be carefull of the transit. Just before the firs temple of Roluos Group filming the wheel of my bycicle! I visit the temple and I ask who can help me (I have no tools, and no material). At 30m there is a kind of shop that they sell everything and also repair bycicles!
After I visit Roulos Group...
And when I was coming back to Siem Reap... about 5 km from the hotel my pneeumatic explote! I found at 10m one bycicle shop. they call to my hotel to ask if they have to fix or not...
At the end I see myselft on a Tuk-tuk whit the bike on it.

Next day we booked a Tuk-tuk to visit the Gran Tour (15$ fot 4people)
Second day with my alarm at 4.30! it worth.

A relax day and sleep till noon is what I did the next day. At the afternoon we go to the market to have a look. Lucas wants to buy and let me take a photos with his Nikon D90...

The thirt day pass, I start with tree small temples out of the routes and then I do the small Tour with bycicle.

I used the GPS those days:

First day: Sunrise at Angkor Wat and Roluos Group by bycicle

Second day: Sunrise at Sras Srang and Grand Tour Circuit by Tuk-tuk

Thirt day: Small temples, Ta Prohm, Ta keo and Phnom Bakheng by bycicle

The wheater is the tipical of moonson time. Sun all day, except 1 hour rain!

Some Photos
2010-05-Siem Reap & Angkor (CA) https://photos.app.goo.gl/cpuRMx7EmLe9GpyS9

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    M'ha encantat Cambodja. Gràcies... :)

  2. Nice Photos and i think it was great journey for you.