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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kampot & Kep

After Phnom Penh I go back to the south of cambodja, this time Kampot. Is about 45km to the Vietnam border.

Oli and Lili went to Austràlia, and Lucas is coming to Vietnam as well! At the bus we meet a spanish couple from Madrid, Javi and Maria. They want to stay some days in Kampot as well.

We stayed in two guesthouses. One chillout style (Bodhi Villa) and one kind of frienly hotel (Poonleu Nath Guest House).

I liked Kampot. The city was a french colony and you can still see some buildings of that period. Kampot is famous for his pepper, his sea salt and the durian fruit.

The first day we rent a bycicle and we went to see the ocean, the salt fields and Dtray Kho (fish island).

The second day was with motorbike... We went to visit a caves (we couldn't find them...) , a lake, Kep city (so much turistic for me...), a beach in a fishing village, one budis temple and the peeper plantations.

Saturday at the market. Sunday rains, and I put order to my backpack, I watch a movie and I read.

On Monday I'll be in Vietnam.

Some Photos 
2010-06-Kampot (CA) https://photos.app.goo.gl/9FajhTtmnXZU5VpP6

Versió catalana

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