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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pedales de Lava. Pedals of Lava Lanzarote in a pure state.

After a fast week in Tarragona, I return to the backpack live. This time I travel with three friends and an objective ... Make the route with mountain bike Pedals of lava, which covers the island ofLanzarote and La Graciosa.

The route of Pedales Lava is by a type of terrain that makes hard route, but with the greatsvolcanic landscapes of the island's at the background.

This trip I've already planned before returning to Tarragona. Santi and Jordi were plotting to do this trip, and I arrange the dates to go with them and convince David for joining us ... I am super happy to go one week trip with my friends!

We have coordinated all with www.pedalesdelava.com who have been great. (Nowadays is www.vulcanbike.com/)

We do the route in 5 stages:1- Puerto del Carmen - Orzola. 66km i 390m asc.acumul.
2- La Graciosa. 31 km i 300m asc. acuml.
3- Orzola - Caleta de Famara. 53km i 1300m asc. acumul.
4- Caleta de Famara - Playa Blanca. 71km i 750m asc. acumul.
5- Playa Balnca - Puerto del Carmen. 34km i 700m asc. acumul.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Back Home, back to Tarragona

Whether I arrived to London in 15 minutes in advance, I arrive at Reus airport 45 minutesprematurely! So no one was waiting for me! Jordi and my mother arrives in 5 minutes ... I am at home!

After 528 days around the world I'm back in Tarragona. Here I have my family, friends and many places with many good memories.

The most striking news has been the baby boom has happen in to my closest circle of friends ... It will be hard to remember it cost me all the new names!

It has been great to make this dream I had for the past ten years. I've done in my rhythm, meeting many people along the way, doing a lot of CouchSurfing (which I will continuedoing it when I have my own house) and I knowing myself a little more each day, letting myintuition guide me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And London when I came back too

Low cost airlines from New York to London for 200 € means that you will have an small aircraft that has uncomfortable seats for many hours without food and making a stopover in Reykjavik for 3 hours.

I can’t complain for the price, right!

The plane arrive 15 minutes earlier at my London, a second home for me. It has been a long time since I stepped territory I known (such as 16 months and a half!)

I stay at the Yasmine's home as is now common in my visits to London.

I stay just a few days, but we have lot of time to chat about the trip with Chantal, her roommates and job friends …

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York and Philadelphia

New York

A month and a half ago I bought a plane ticket Bogota to New York with Sprites Airlaines (240€). I was in Iquitos and I decided to make the leap to New York because I've always been curious to know it, and why not say it, is cheaper to fly to USA and then to Europe from South America that directly.

So, my first stop is Miami (scale and do migration). I have just time todo all the controls and inspections of luggage, and there is a huge queue of people ...

At the final step controls where I have to check the suitcase to NY I realize that I don’t have my small baggage! First, Panic! And after analyzing the situation, I think I left it at the last baggage check ...

I check in the large suitcase and go to see how I can get to last checkpoint, is banned and we say that I go with someone of the company ... Employees say the company or juice accompany me and that I have to do a claim to them to receive by mail my luggage ... Fuck!

I try to access the checkpoint again, and I speak with police, who want to HELP. Accompanies me to the checkpoint ... and my suitcase is there! At the end of the tape ... Ufff.

So I take the plane to New York La Guardia Airoport ...

In New York I stayed with Jong Dae (South Korea), a friend I made at the Walk in Huaraz (Peru) , and has some friends that can host me in Queens ...

So the first thing I do to get to New York is calling it. Is 11:30 at night and the phone has given me doesn’t exist! Ouch what day that I have!

I make time at Airport. I connect to the Internet through computers for some coins that aren’t very quick to leave a message ... there isn’t free Wifi

I stay the night at the airport. There are many people that are waiting to cach a flight at 6 am, ...

In the morning ... 7am ... still have not answered from DJ (Dae Jong), so I decided to go to Manhattan to find accommodation. At 8 am already in the Hostelling International ... Very expensive! 50 U.S. $ per night for a shared room! I left my baggage there.
New York
I go for a walk through Central Park which is two hundred meters from the Hostel. I walk until I find the Solomon R. Guggengeim Museum. There is a small cue, is not open yet. And as if it is a signal, starts to rain lightly. So, I visit the museum! I like the building and the main display of conceited Lee: Marking Infinity. I spend many hours inside the museum.