A travel blog of a journey that I started in 2010 and I don't know when it will end ...


What can I say about me...

I am from Tarragona (Catalonia), tall, nice, sympathetic, and much more imperfections that is no need to tell now,  isn't it?

I had a dream to do a long travel. A travel longer than the month off you normally have for holidays.
In 2009 I went with 3 friends to New Zealand for a month, and it was there when I realize that I wanted to do my dream come true!

So, I left my job, rented flat, friends and family at Tarragona and I start to do my way.

This day was the 28th of April of 2010 and it ends on 4th of October 2011

For me my blog is to keep informed to my friends (and fans)  and also to have some kind of diary of what I see and who I meet.

The English version I do it to practice the Shakespeare language!

By the way. After my travel my previous job offer me the position I had before and I  move in to the same flat I was leaving... very weird


Sergi Ferret

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