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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


--- Versió Catalana ---
This 2018, Aida and I have done a 20-day route around some of the islands of Indonesia where we have been able to see ancient Hindu Temples near Yogyakarta, observe orangutans with semiberty on a klotok in Borneo, be amazed with some Java volcanoes, discover Bali by motorcycle and explore the Nusas Islands.

We are still preparing the post of our route, but Aida has prepared a great video summary that we hope you like it.

Video Summary

The experience of noticing up to 6 earthquakes near where we were marked the last days of the trip, although none of the places where we were was damaged, we were alerted by a tsunami on one of the Nusa Islands , and we met travelers who did suffer from experiences to forget.

Day 1. Arrival at Jogja (Yogyakarta)
Day 2. Play Prambanan
Day 3. Borobudur
Day 4. Tour 3D / 2N Klotoc to Borneo
Day 5. Tour 3D / 2N Klotoc to Borneo Tour 3D / 2N Klotoc to Borneo
Day 6. Tour 3D / 2N Klotoc to Borneo and Transport to Probbolingo
Day 7. Bromo
Day 8. Probbolingo
Day 9. Bali, Ubud
Day 10. Bali, Ubud
Day 11. Bali, Ubud
Day 12. Bali, Munduk
Day 13. Bali, Lovina
Day 14. Bali, Ubud
Day 15. Nusa Lembongan
Day 16. Nusa Penida
Day 18. Denpasar
Day 19. Denpasar and fly to Jakarta
Day 20. Jakarta 

Route Map 

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