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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha is the place to do a trekking in Lao trough the deeps jungles forests with minorities etnies villages. The treks have to been done by a authorized guide, and the number of groups are limited. With this rule they try (theoretically) do less tourist impact on the villages. The Word Eco tourism is everywhere in Luang Namtha ...
At the bus I meet Jon (Oregon, USA), he is going the same way that I am. We were eating a noodles at the night market and I meet again Richard and Natalie. All together and Kevin (Canada) went to look witch treks are offered...
We decide to do Mhong trek, 2 days doing overnight in a home stay.

The trek is more difficult that I expect because the night rain leave the small tracks very slippery and somewhere very muddy! But, the tracks that we walk trough between streams and tropical forest are very impressive. The villages that we visit are just a bamboo constructions surrounded by rice fields and small plantations of vegetables, with few pigs, chickens and ducks.

Sai has been our guide and Noe support him. The best: the picnics in the middle of the jungle on a bananas leaves, the things you have to do to not get your boots wet in the streams, the home stay and the swim that we did when we finish the trek.
We bring some books to tree villages for the school. They recommend not to give to the children directly because the eco tourism...
After walk 2 days about 7 hours, it’s time to do Sunday day in Wednesday. And I did it at Thoulasith Guesthouse de Luang Namtha. Internet, bed, Laundry, Noodles and some beer.
Now time to Xina. (Maybe without photos… there block some internet things)

Some Photos
2010-08-Luang Nam Tha (LAO) https://photos.app.goo.gl/CarFVm4HeEnfP4wK7

Versió catalana

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