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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cartagena and Playa Blanca

When we arrive in Cartagena we look for accommodation with Greg and Marie, near the walled city. We find what we look for, economic and well-located.

In the morning I take a walk around the walled center. I love it! Narrow streets and colonial houses with well-preserved courtyards, cafes, shops and walls ... although be very different, the rhythm is similar to the inside walls of Tarragona.

For lunch, I meet with Greg and Marie. We eat fish and we go to have a Tinto (coffee) in the walled city. And as we are doing a tinto in a square, the weather change and begins to rain very hard! The refuge we found is the music school, with a lovely courtyard.

At night I wanted to meet Ana Milena. We went to eat a pizza with her friend Maria, Greg and Marie.

The city is beautiful at night!

When I wake up I prepare a small bag and after meet with Greg and Marie, we go to Playa Blanca in the Baru island. White sand beach and sea with turquoise water ... a delightful place.

I camped under a shed to protect the tent from the sun, and straight into the water! great! We enjoy the good weather that we are having.

In the evening we drink a Coco loco and we chat ...

At night is not easy to sleep the heat is so heavy!

In the morning, we rent a pair for snorkeling ... How many fish for god!

And at the afternoon we return to Cartagena by speed boat.

I have dinner with Ana and Maria at Bocagrande and we go to drink few beers ...

In the morning, I walk around the old town again and I buy the bus ticket to Medellin and I go for lunch with Anna and Maria, this time at La Mulata ... a delightful restaurant.

And night bus again!

Some photos
2011-09-Bolivar (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/aQyieKvQjm3T5wKQ9

Versió catalana

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