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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Villa de Leyva and Bogotà

And... I’m back in Bogotá! After a long trip from Salento... At Pereira Greta and I take diferents directions.

At Bogotá Mauricio and Carlos are specting me. We’ve arranged to go to Villa de Leyva next day...
I sleep a lot, do laundry and watch a movie ...

And at the afternoon Alex and Stella collect me with Carlos to go on the road. The Muricio was with Natalia and Gladys. We are a good bunch!

Three hours to arrive in this charming town of Villa de Leyva, known for its cobblestone streets, colonial houses, restaurants and its location within the valley. First, look for accommodation and leave the baggage. Under a light rain we find la Española Hotel, a cozy hotel close to the huge and pleasant Plaza Mayor. And to have some Margarita’s at the Plaza!

Once we eat breakfast, we go to discover the town, shops and hidden corners ...

And before lunch, we rent a horse to go to Pozo Azul, a fresh water pools amidst a dry landscape ... in Mauricio and I swim. The water is very good and clean …

At the village we have a great meal! I’m very surprised of the Colombian food quality and quantity. The variety of traditional dishes is extensive and it is difficult to choose ...
After a nap we went to take a few margaritas again ... Great atmosphere there on Saturday night ... half of Bogota is here or what?

Sunday we do a bit more of bed and walk around before taking our bags and go to visit the Santo Ecce Homo Convent on the outskirts of Villa de Leyva. The Convent is one of the first that settled in Colombia and is very well preserved.

For lunch stop on the way to Bogota and we eat sausage ... A great long weekend with friends!

On Monday, rest, laze and start balancing things for my next stop, New York.

I've been told I can not leave without visiting Bogota Gold Museum and climb to Cerro de Monserrate. So I go with Rocio, a friend of Mauricio and Ana Milena that I met the day I met Mauricio and Carlos. I find the Gold Museum amazing! Very well organized and material to stop a train. You can see the different ways of working with the gold of different indigenous groups prior to arrival and the plundering of the Spanish Crown

And from the gold to the Esmeralda, The International Museum of the Esmeralda to be specific. Rocio knows the director of the museum and invites us to visit the museum of the green stone. Colombia is the country with the most expensive and most beautiful esmeralda in the world ...

 After so many museums have to aerate us ... cable car to climb the Cerro de Monserrate. Monserrate = Montserrat tell, right? I don’t know ... All I know is that as the main image of the crucified Jesus is pilgrimage. But, on one side I see the Black Madonna of Montserrat accompanied by Catalan and Colombian flags. What joy!

The views are tremendous from Bogota here .... and valleys are untouched mountain on the other hand we make you want to explore them.

We eat at Rocio’s home. Her mother have prepared a spectacular dish of chicken ...
I go to meet Mauricio at the office and we pick up Carlos to climb to Mirador Via La Calera dinner and watch the big night of Bogota.

I decided to make a morning trip to the Alameda Vieja de la Quebrada. I have been recommended to do it as early as I can, because there are more people walking and it’s more secure. 100% recommended!

What wood forest and whats views of the mountains and the city! There is some people doing the walk every morning before going to work. at the top of the mountain I meet Tatiana, Bogotenya and a photographer who has traveled throughout South America. We talk down the mountain and we have breakfast in a street market of the Wednesdays from organic products.

And I take a walk for the Candelaria, making a coffee and discovering nice corners.

I prepare a Fideuà for the last dinner...

I've been very happy here in Bogota.

After 250 days (8 months and one week) at South America, I jump at North America...

Some photos
2011-09-Bogota i Villa de Leyva (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/PRMqnWWs7KMCcGiC8
Versió catalana

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