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Friday, September 2, 2011

Guajira. A few days in Cabo de la Vela

From Santa Marta we take a bus to the last cuatrovias before Rioacha to take a Collectivetaxi till Uribia from where a transformed Pick Up to transport people and materials goes to Cabo de la Vela.

Here there aren’t many things to do besides watch the calm it exudes.

We find a family that has accommodation rooms 3 meters from the sea in a very affordable price ... the marriage is also leading the restaurant, they are friendly and great cook.

The first day, after the magnificent sunset, we eat "lobster in garlic" with a few beers from Venezuela (so close to the border, there is a lot of smuggling). Great!

A swim in turquoise water to start the day, waiting for an arepa with oats and a tinto(coffee) for breakfast.
We walk to the piles of sugar, a sacred mountain with a pretty beach and that the road is over a pond full of birds.

The sunset view from the lighthouse is only 45 minutes walk from the village.
I decide to stay a day longer than I planned. To do Not do anything besides read, sleep and swim.
Before the latest garlic lobsters for dinner, we ran to the Lighthouse with Greg and Marie ... I love it!

In the morning (5am) we take the Pick Up to get back to Santa Marta.

And after resting in Santa Marta, all the way to Cartagena …

Some photos
2011-08-Guajira (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/E4jELzq4RbgwJj6B6

Versió catalana

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