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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fraser Coast

Rainbow beach is a small village very quite at the south of Fraser Island with few backpacker’s ready to be your home before and after the trip to the island.

To be able to do the trip on 4x4 and camp at the island, I have to be in a kind of meeting where they make groups of 8 people (for every car) and they explain the rules of the national park.

My group (A-Team!) we are 4 Scottish, 3 English and me. They are my collages that I’ll expend the next 3 days in Fraser Island.

Next morning the alarm rings early morning... to be able to do the check out before 7:30, time that we have to be ready to start to prepare all the staff we have to put in our4x4. A tent, food, water, drinks, etc... Everything ok. Ready to go!

After few technical explanations about how to drive on soft sand, and how to avoid to damage the car, we go to take a Ferry to Fraser.

Fraser is a big sand island where you can find rain forests, lakes of freshwater and sand... The first we visit is the Lake McKenzie, a rain freshwater on silicy sand and surrounded by rain forest. Have a swim in this lake is like do it in a lake at the mountain but with a really good water temperature...

After eat some sandwiches, we drive through the rain forests to the beach, where we look a place to camp. We prepare the dinner before is getting dark, and we eat next to the beach with a cold beer.

Next morning I drive the 4x4 of the A-team!! We visit Eli Creek, a good place to have a bath with freshwater next to the beach. Maheno Shipwreck is the next place we visit, a ship that was bombed on the second world war... We have lunch at the Lake Allom, freshwater with a lot more live than the one in Lake McKenzie and a lot of microorganisms, turtles and surrounded by rainforest... Knifeblade SandBlow, a big sand dunes and Indian Head, one of the very few rock formations that are in the island to end going back to the camp to prepare the dinner.

I wake up early morning. I have sand everywhere on my body. After breakfast, we close up the camp and w ego to Lake Wabby, between sand dunes and rain forest... and we keep going to take the ferry to Rainbow Beach.

Checking the 4x4, and long shower... and after a snap, I go to the Carlo SandBlow view point to see the sunset...

Ready to go more north!

Some Photos (or at fotos.elviatgedelsergi.com)

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