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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fukuoka and Iizuka

At Fukuoka I feel lucky because I arrive on the day that a music festival starts, the Music City Tenjin 2010. It’s free and all kinds of music... I’ve listen reggae, rock, singers, jazz and hip hop. I really need some concerts, so I spend all day around.

The ones that I liked more are: Susumoku (Singer), Motoki+Chikkaja (fusion) and Vic Bongo (Reggae).
Between concert and concert I went to see cheap options to travel the next days, after look everywhere, I found a bus 50% off to Kiroshima... I bought it.

Next day I visit some temples in Fukuoka before take a train to Iizuka where I’m doing Couchsurfing at Cait’s (Hawaii, USA) . She is English teacher and prepares a typical Hawaiian dish to dinner, rice with pork and vegetables, very good! Her apartment is quiet big to be Japan. I have a tatami room for myself! A Luxury!

I have lunch with Cait and her collages from work in a small restaurant runed by two old woman’s that speak very fluent English and also some Spanish!

She recommend to go to a village half an hour away by train, where are the Nanzoin Temple, a temple with the biggest Reclining bronze Buddha (41 length and 11 height). This monster has been constructed thanks to a donation of a monk that won the lottery. The same monk kept playing... and won again!

When I get back to Iizuka, I meet Cait, and we went with the husband of a collage of work and their kids to a forest 15 minutes by car. We had pizza for dinner!

I go to sleep early because I have to get up very early morning to catch the bus!

Some Photos
2010-10-Fukuoka i Iizuka (JP) https://photos.app.goo.gl/wibXB38FRKEVPqnD9

Versió catalana

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