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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curitiba, a great city.

The first stop in Brazil is the city of Curitiba. I stopped here because I've read (Yes yes ...sometimes I read) which is one of the most environmentally sustainable cities.

I CouchSurfing at Ana’s and Guto’s home, a couple very nice and friendly that they have responded very fast my last minute request.
So, once at Rodoferroviaria of Curitiba about 6:30 AM, taxi to Ana’s home as they told me that we could have breakfast together. They live in a flat in the sixth floor, they are super friendly with me and I have a giant bed! Guto is an engineer and Ana a pharmaceutical.
After the super breakfast, we visit the botanical garden and the Largo da Feira Order, a Sunday market that is in the historic center. Delci, a friend of Ana is joining us.

For lunch we go to Brazil's largest restaurant! A fix menu with fairly price and where you can repeat as many times as you want!

At the end of lunch ... We will visit the Parque Tanguá and the building of Ópera de Arame and return to the flat to rest.

The next day is Monday, and as many parts of the world's museums are closed. So, Ana takes me to the Park Bariguï as she has to do some things nearby. I have lunch with her beside his shop and then I take a walk around the city center. Futuristic bus stops, a lot of parks and some Italian and Portuguese style buildings.

I go to pick Anna from work, and we go to do yoga in the gym of the Joaquim America Stadium. I iniciate to do Yoga with Guto and Ana in Brazil!

And after the shower and eating something, I go out with Delco and Ana to a local live music Samba bar. Dancing and then go to sleep.
I decided to stay another day.

Ana takes me in the morning at the Museum Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian modern art and a good example of the architecture of Niemeyer. I enjoyed the interview with the architect, discussing all his major works as the design of Brasilia, the United Nations headquarters in NY, and all other ...

Here the trailer:
To see the complete video here: here

After the museum I pass along Bosque João Paulo II, a dense rain forest in the middle of Curitiba. And I walk the avenue of government buildings to Rodoferroviária to see what options I have to go do Ilha do Mel as the Serra Verde Express train is out of service for two weeks. I’ll have to catch a bus.
From the station to Municipal Market and Organic Market. A lot of fruits!

When I finish I use a tourist bus ticket that Ana gave me and I flip the bus to see the outsides of Curitiba. I when to pick Ana from her work and we have a few beers at a bar with live music.
We had dinner with Guto and Delco.

In the morning Anna take me to the Rodoferroviaria. And as we have time left, we go to eat sushi with her friend Veronica.

I liked this city.

I take with me on my mp3: Mart'nália and Dazaranha.

Some Photos
2011-03-Curitiba (BR) https://photos.app.goo.gl/8zgJr3VNYPn762ep6

Versió catalana

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