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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ilha do Mel, another island that you can get lost.

The bus from Curitiba left me at Pontal do Paraná, and in less than half an hour boat trip I arrive at Ilha do Mel. I choose Encantadas because I’ve hear that is less crowed and more authentic (I think that now march – April all the parts of the island are quiet...).

I stay at Hostel Marimar, that is in at the first line of the beach, and even is good and the breakfast is great, I didn’t really liked... details as the television when is the breakfast and the closing time for the common area at 21:30, are noticeable. The recommendation would be stay at the Encantadas Hostel, which is 20 meters from the beach but much cozier and half price. With what you save you can take a couple of Caipirinyes!

It gets dark and I prepare a risotto with tofu before bedtime.

As I said the breakfasts are gorgeous ... Almost I have no lunch!
I go to explore the nearby beach of Praia da Bola and the cave Grotto das Encantadas. This part of the island in only 5 minutes from the beach Encantadas and is a virgin and fantastic area.
At the afternoon rains and I stay on the terrace of the hostel watching the rain. I meet Cristina (Germany) the other travelers staying at the hostel.
Sleep with the sound of the waves in the background ... great!

A forced day of rest ... because it rains. And it’s perfect to do things that normally cannot do as much as you want. Read, write and hear music.
When the rain stop and the sun come out a bit, I go back to Praia da bola a little swim against the currents and waves of the sea. And I meet Xavier (The French I met in Patagonia!!!!). It’s amazing how small the world is!
We have a beer and we chatted until he has to catch the last ferry to the Brasília.

The next day the weather improved. I go with Cristina at Ilha das Peças by boat to see dolphins on way. On the island we visited a fishing village.

In the evening rains. We watch a movie.

I change the part of the island next day, I go to Brasilia. I walk up to Fortaleza, a Portuguese fort built to defend against the Spanish.
And at the afternoon I walk to the lighthouse de las Conchas.

The hostel apart of Cristina, also has a pair of French, after be thinking why we look familiar, we realize that we spent the New Year in Sydney together!

At night we went to see the sand with a luminous effect when you move it… and at the Praia do Istmo is more intense than the others.

Breakfast with views of the faro and go to take the ferry to Paranaguá where I took a bus to Florianopolis.

Some Photos
2011-03-Ilha do Mel (BR) https://photos.app.goo.gl/qFNAkReMBnkfxXsu6

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