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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Porto Alegre

At Porto Alegre I spend the day. I want to take a night bus at 23:30 to the border of Uruguay.
So we left the baggage at the station and walk to the center. We have a cheap and nice lunch at the Mercado Central.

Ones we finish our food, we walk to the Cultural center Obra Social Santander that at the information point recommend us the photographic exhibition. The building is amazing, it’s an old central bank converted in to a museum.. The cafeteria is at the safe box!

From Santander at Casa da Cultura Mario Quintana, a cultural building that has been doing cultural events in the last 30 years. Theater, cinema, concerts and exhibitions. The cafeteria at the roof has fantastic views of the river!
After Mario Quintana we walk without destination, and we end up watching the sunset next to the river, and just next to another cultural center, USINA do gasometro. An abandoned Thermoelectric Power Station converted... is huge.
We get lost inside the building... too many levels... We really enjoy the visual installation Words rain!

At 7 PM is already dark. We decide to go to watch Biutiful at Casa da Cultura Mario Quintana.
When the movie ends we walk back to the Rodaviaria to catch the bus.

Some Photos
2011-04-Porto Alegre (BR) https://photos.app.goo.gl/oN1mMFSu8utNGhkPA


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