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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For those who do not know, my middle name is Canela, and my mother is not only first but also Canela Canela middle name! So when I read that there was a beautiful village named Canela it was on my way, I decided to take a look.

Canela is with Gramado (neighboring village), the gateway to several national parks with plenty of water and greenery. With astyle of architecture between German and Swiss Alps, you have to the feeling of being in the Alps.
The most spectacular in the village is the majestic Cathedral of Nossa Senhora Lourdes (also known as Catedral de Pedra), and at night they light in a very colorful way.

The name of the village comes because there was a Canela (tree) in the area where all the womans of the area bring to exchange materials and vegetables.

I am staying at Hostel Viajante just beside the station Rodaviaria. We left our staff, shower and go out for dinner… pizza! And what Pizzas...Beside the cathedral there is a pizzeria that makes a great offer. You pay 30 Reales and you can eat as much as you want by they are ofering the pizzas all the time ...some 60 different, among which there are sweet ones! Pizza with white chocolate and bits of banana, chocolate pizza with vanilla ice cream, etc etc ... scandalous!

I sleep a little longer than usual, and after breakfast, we visited theParque Estadual do Caracol where there is the Cascata do Caracol of 131 meters and Araucaria forest ... We went by bus and we hitchhike (there are very in frequently bus)

In the Town, we visited the exibithion of Chocolate at the pavilion and walk through the village.
It is strange to see so often written Canela ...

Next morning, we take a bus to Porto Alegre.

Some Photos
2011-04-Canela (BR) https://photos.app.goo.gl/3yTCvuNPvFFg5iZg7

Versió catalana

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