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Monday, March 21, 2011

First stop in Buenos Aires

I Arrive at the capital Buenos Aires at lunchtime. The first night I stayed in a hostel near the center weighs exactly the neighborhood of St. Nicholas, where there are many theaters and bookstores.
The afternoon I stroll through nearby streets, entering and losing myself in some of the vast libraries and some slices of pizza for dinner "Cooked in stone oven".
I'm tired = sleep

The next morning I check out the hostel. I CouchSurfing few days at Majo and Emi (brothers) house who live in the neighborhood of Recoleta. The apartment is fantastic, they super "good wave" (Buena onda) and the location is ideal for walking or transport links.

I go with Majo to the downtown ... and we walk. She was showing the places she likes more. After arriving at the Congress, we went for a Mate at Diego’s house. From Diego’s house to Romain’s house to have dinner a few beers and pies. On this flat also lives a Catalan, Anna (Sort) who studies film.

It's Wednesday. I go to visit MALBA, the Latin American art museum. To be visited when visiting BA (Buenos Aires), and then I walk into the neighborhood of Palermo. I like the atmosphere of the area, although that is becoming very modern spirits remain calm. Cafes, clothing stores, bars and cobbled streets and tree-lined.

The day after I visit Recoleta where the Museum of Fine Arts (which just closed today for restructuring), Plaza Francia, Recoleta Cemetery and the Recoleta Cultural Center.
For dinner we roasted vegetables and an attempt to do a Spanish omelette that ends up being scratch with potatoes, eggs and cheese to accompany a sushi. With Nico (friend of the Majo).

Friday I head to the Puerto Madero area and Ecological Reserve South Coast
When I return home, I do some Mate with Majo, and people was adding at it ... the couchsurfers who had been in the house before me, a Frenchman and a girl from Ivory Coast, then Nico and Emi. We had dinner and went to a party at a local place. Celebrating the graduation of another Nico ...
In the party was Anna and also Jordi (Mataro), a friend of all this people.
I try Fernet with Coke, a classic Argentine.

On Saturday I go to Boca by bus. I visit "El Caminito" and the museum of Benito Quinquela Martin. I walk back stopping at a churrasqueria overlooking the Bombonera for lunch and a coffee at a cafe in San Telmo. In the afternoon I walk San Telmo. I love it.

When I get home, I make with Emi a cake with corn and we watch the film Black Swan.

On Sunday we do a complete breakfast. Newspaper, coffee and pastries. A good way to say goodbye to Majo and Emi. Tonight they have two Japanese.

I move to a hostel in Palermo where I meet Dave (Melbourne), and he tells me that he wants to go to a free concert on the outskirts of BA and if I want to join him. For sure!
We look how to get there... and we spend as long as 2 hours to reach the place at Moron ... When I get there I see that is a concert commemorating the 35th anniversary of the coup.
Kevin Johansen
and Leon Gieco in front of 40,000 people. Amazing !!!!!

The way back to Palermo is amazing too. 4 hours to reach Palermo ... Two buses and a train ... Basically the transport failed because we wait for the 166 bus 2 hours and did not come! At 3 am we laid in bed trying not to dream of reaching the 166 bus stop!

Saturday I sleep long ... Breakfast and I went to buy the train ticket to Posadas (Iguaçu direction). It is the slowest way to make the journey takes about 32 hours, but I want to take an Argentinean train. This only runs twice a week.
I visited the botanical gardens and walk through Palermo. In the afternoon I was with Bruno (who I met in Vietnam) and he is staying for some time in BA with family. We had the typical conversation of travelers for long
... I love to meet people again that I have met along the way!

Some Photos
2011-03-Buenos Aires (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/eoeCUJ933rBiCAyS6

Versió catalana

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