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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Puerto Madryn and Península Valdés

Long trip to Puerto Madryn...
Deserted landscape all the time. Inhabitant territory.

At Puerto Madryn I do Couchsurfing at Beatriz (Argentina) place. She lives near the beach with her two cats and with beach views!
I arrive very tired of the bus trip... I rest.
We go out to have a pizza for dinner, and of course, I go to sleep early.

Next morning I go to visit Península Valdés with a tour. I am lucky and the one I choose we are only 5 people and the driver. An Italian couple, an Argentinean couple and me.
The first thing we see is la Isla de los Pájaros (The bird’s island).
There isn’t an island and there don’t live any bird.... is a piece of ground at 800m of the coast, that when the tie is high the only way to get there is by boat, and any bird lives there, they simply stay some hours every day. Is the island where the French writer Antoine Saint-Exupéry was inspire to the magnificent The little Prince. From the Península Valdés he was doing flights to explore the Argentinean Patagonia.
At Punta Cantor, Caleta Valdés and Punta Norte we observe penguins, sea lions and sea elephants… we end up at Puerto Pirámides to have lunch at the beach.
We have Spanish Omelet for dinner with some beers...

Next day I sleep longer… I still tired from the bus.
After breakfast-lunch, I go for a walk around Madryn. I Visit the Museo Provincial del Hombre y el Mar at the Casa Pujol! Yes, yes, Agustí Pujol. A Catalan emigrant that made a lot of money and then he gives his house to the town hall to make the museum.

I book the bus to Buenos Aires for Sunday.
At the afternoon the weather starts to change. It goes from sun and warm to a rain and cold.

Next morning I rent a bike to go following the coast till Punta Lomo to see the colony of sea lions. I have lunch at the beach.
When I got back home, I help Beatriz to prepare meat empanadas for the dinner. And at Facebook I receive a message from Anna Canela (Family!) that she is in Puerto Madryn!
I go to catch her at the Hostel she is staying (only two streets from home) and I invite them for dinner (Anna and her friend Laura from Valls) at Beatriz place.
Empanadas, beer and Ice cream for dessert!

In the morning I go for a walk along the beach with Anna and Laura, and we tell each other what we did and some experiences... Big surprise to meet Anna! Who knows if we will meet again in Iguaçu!
I go back home, and we have a mate with some fresh biscuits!

I say goodbye and I heading to take the bus to Buenos Aires.

Some Photos
2011-03-Puerto Madryn (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxbaFtS8sUEcZPPo7

Versió catalana

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