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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ushuaia and the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego.

I get in to Argentina with a deserted landscape. No mountains. Sometime you can see some tree next to a small wood iron house, that’s all.
That’s all till 60 km to Ushuaia. The mountains, trees, and lakes appear and the road is going up and up, wining altitude very fast.

I arrive at Ushuaia at 21.30. Is dark and windy. I found a very comfortable Hostel, Hostel Haust (now as 5 hermanos hostel).

Next day I wake up late. I book the bus to Puerto Madryn because I want to stay few days in the park and when I want to take the bus is the ending of some Argentinean holidays...
After this I walk to the Glaciar Martial, where I eat and spend the afternoon. After all the glaciers I’ve seen this is like a joke... but the walk is worth.

I go back to the Hostel for dinner and to rest.

Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego. National Park Tierra del Fuego

Day 1. The bus leave me at Bahía Ensenada where starts the trail la Senda Costera. There are around 3 hours walking along the coast. You can see a lot of births...

When I arrive at Laguna Verde, I make the tent at the free campground, I leave the backpack there and I go to visit the area of Lapataia. Laguna Negra, the lookout Lapataia, the Castorera and the trail of Baliza.
Dinner and sleep at 21h... when the sun goes I go in to the sleeping bag!

Day 2. I wake up when the sun gets my tent... Around 9 in the morning!!!! I sleep 12 hours!
I have breakfast, I prepare lunch and I fill up the bottle of water, and I go to walk the Cerro Guanaco. The way up is very hard... well, it’s just to be persistence to reach the top...

360 degrees spectaculars.

On the way down, I also walk till the Hito XXIV, border with Chile, and I go back to the campground of the Laguna Verde to rest, read a little and prepare the dinner.

Day 3. After breakfast, I close the tent and I go to visit the Centro de Visitantes making some time to catch the bus back to Ushuaia.

When I arrive at the Hostel I take a shower and I go to do a tour with a catamaran trough the Beagle Channel till Isla Martillo to see the penguins.

At 5 AM I take the bus to Puerto Madryn.

Some Photos
2011-03-Ushuaia (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/hfnRAUGCDgbxaLA77

Versió catalana

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