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Friday, August 12, 2011

Iquitos with La Restinga

Iquitos, the city that is more away by road of the world, is at the middle of the peruvian amazon.

I always had in mind to come here in my route around south america because Isabel Sánchez (Chata for the friends from Iquitos and of the Associació Sura), she always have talk to me about Iquitos and the Associación La Restinga that do educational work at all levels in the most needed areas of Iquitos (Barrio Libre de belen) and at some communities “ribereñas” does programs to strengthen their identity and prevent a possible but almost certainly social exclusion.

So folowing the indications of Isabel I go directly to La Restinga. I have two names, Puchin (the director) and Itala (the coordinator of Crea Belen project). They Both are on holidays... and I meet Carmen (a Professional of the Crea Project) and Yolita (the administrator), they give me a good welcome.

In principle I want to volunteer for 15 days doing verything they need (some work will not be bad for me, right?)

For the accommodation issue I end up renting a room in the Carlos and Itala Househouse (Spanish and The Coordinator of la Restinga). They live in a big house with theFrançua (France).
In this moment there are some more volunteers... And from Catalonia there are Ainhoa (La Secuita), Cristina (Sitges) and Magda (Lleida).
During the weeks that I’m staying at (at the end I stayed a month), the working days I’m doing activities woth the diferents activities of Crea Belen.

And at the weekends, I am doing and visiting diferents things...

The first weekend Itala, Carlos, Carmen and I we go to the Carmen’s Chacra by a rented motorbike. We end up swiming in a string of black water and eating a Juanes (rice with chicken)!

The following weekend is a long weekend (July 28, National bank holliday), so we take this holliday to go with Ainhoa, Cristina and Jonathan (French volunteer) at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve on our own...
We travel a long way up till Manco Capac Community (with the slowest boat ever).
Carlos is bringing a information and educational material from the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) to distribute and explain what’s the material for to the watch points to monitoring this part of the park.
After coordinating who will take us and where can we go, we rest one house in the community, the one that lives the guards that track and monitorize the turtle Taricaya.
Next morning we go to the Surveillance Achong walking (the river is low tide...). From there we go with the workers who do the monitoring of the turtle with canoe. Spectacular Vegetation, birds of all types, sizes and colors.
We sleep at the watch point. In the morning we do a trip by canoe and we go back to the community.
We take the boat boat to Requena Boat with normal slider and from there to Nauta with the fast one...

The following activities I do it with the Restinga ... Saturday morning I helped to assemble the hall to the Pap test for women of Belen that La Restinga is tracking, and at the afternoon I go to the National Reserve Allpahuayo Mishana with the group of children who have helped with Balsa flotante .

And the last weekend, on saturday morning I helped to pain the Floting Balsa and I go to the activities of the Belen Festival which began on Thursday.

I want to stay more, I want to return to Tarragona and I want to continue traveling a little bit ...

They say that everyone go back to Iquitos... Today I bought a plane ticket (the first in South America) to Bogota from Leticia. So I go to Leticia with slider ...

Some photos
2011-07-Iquitos (PER) https://photos.app.goo.gl/7vj8ZE5wVJ7emd4Z6

Versió catalana

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