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Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the way to Iquitos

We arrive at Trujillo early morning. Adrià and I want to keep on the way the same day, so I look for transportation to Tarapoto and he looks to Equador.

My bus leaves at 3 PM, so I have few hours to visit the city of Trujillo .

So with Adrià spend the day around... We have breackfast at the mercado (very easy bet).
The arquitecthure of Trujillo is very beautifull, and is keeping the colonial style in the old quarter.
After this walk, I am ready to get up to another 15 hours ride bus!
At Tarapoto I change the movility, from bus to a colective taxi to get to Yurimaguas from where I shoud take a boat to Iquitos. The views of the jungle from the panoramic road are magnificient.
At Yurimaguas I have to buy some strings to be able to hang the hamac, water and look for a boat to Iquitos.

I did find everything too easy. Teorethacly the boat leave the next day and I can stay overnight.
So I leave my backpack there and I go to see Yurimaguas. Moto-carro (The Asian Tuk-tuk) is the main transportation here. At Tarapoto I saw few of them, but here at Yurimaguas there are everywhere.
When I go back to the boat, I see that they change the time and day for departing (and they don’t know if they will change again)...
I ask what can I do to don’t stay here stock 2 days, and they say that I can go to Lagunas and wait there... At Lagunas runs a smaller boat everyday.
I ask for my money back and I arrange it to have place to go to Lagunas next morning. I find acomodation in front of the boat.
Till Lagunas is around 14 hores going down the Huallaga river laying on the hamaca and looking at both sites of the river.
When the bell ring, means that the food is ready, so we have to take our tuppers and cue to get some rice and fresh chiken (that has been killed one our ago) . I arrive at Lagunas, I find a place to sleep and I have dinner at the middle of the street... some rice with fresh fish. The village have electrical energy from 19 to 22h. after this time the activity disapare and everybody goes to sleep.
I spend all day resting and just enjoying the live style of the community.
I check sometimes the place that shows the boat and time that leaves to Iquitos...
I end up taking the same boat that I was on in Yurimaguas. This time the boat ride is around 48 hours with hamac. I have no problem with that, I discober that once I lay down on the hamac, I felt sleep automaticly.

The traject start at the Huallaga river, pass through Marañón river and ends up at the Amazon river, bordering the Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria.
On the way we have seen rose dolphins, black water rivers (water that is filtered by a leafs jungle), and a lot of birds.
And when I am getting use to live on the boat, we arrive at Iquitos!

Some photos
2011-07-De camí a Iquitos (PER) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Dj7TRCNRDqzktaRg8

Versió catalana

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