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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After crossing the border to Bolivia walking, we arrive at Villazón where we exchange money and look after transportation to Tupiza. There is a radical change with the people on the streets, shops and prices.
We find a mini bus for 15 Bolivianos (1,5€) for a trip of one hour and a half.
And we descent from 3400m of Villazón to 2950 of Tupiza through valleys much more greens every time and more agriculture.
At Tupiza we find cheap and good accommodation very fast (25b, around 2,5€ for bed) next to an agency that we will finally take the tour to Uyuni with them.
We go to discover this small city. First of all, we withdraw money from the bank because there are no ATM’s. We walk through the black market where you can find everything that you can imagine. We also visit the main market and we are also asking some agencies about what they offer and prices. Generally they all offer the same with very similar price.
When we go back at the accommodation, we contract the tour with the agency “El Grano de Oro” for 1100 Bolivians plus tree hours of horse ride for free near Tupiza.
We have dinner at the hostel and straight to the bed.
In the Morning we do the tree hours horse ride through Puerta del Diablo (Devil Gate), the Valle de los Machos and el Cañon del Inca. The guide (about 15 years old) leave the horses to their way, and we end up going very fast through the landscapes very similar to the ones we’ve seen in the movies of far west. Very Impressive experience and very hard physical exercise.

For lunch we try the sets meals at the main market, for 10 Bolivianos they serve soap and a big main dish.
At the afternoon, relax and for dinner Pizza at the restaurant Tupizza (Tupiza + Pizza)...
Tristan shows us a card game named Yanif, and we play it till we want to sleep.
Next morning start the tour of 4 days (3 nights) with 4x4 to Uyuni!

Some photos
2011-05-Tupiza (BOL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/9vufYUuFAJ59Rbje6

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