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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New South Wales. Horses, Sydney and New Years Eve......

I arrive at Sydney around 7 am after 10 hours of bus. Coffee and train to Winsord where I have to meet Veronica (Wwoofer, Australia) because she’s picking me up.

Winsord is a small village, well is one of the oldest village in the modern Australia.

Veronica takes me to the Cattle where she lives and where Statford Performance Horses is, in the very tiny Wilberforce area. There I meet her daughter Olivia and Cristopher (another Wwoofer, France).
The job here is to feed some of the 32 horses she have, clean the paddock and do some extra duties in the Cattle.
The place is beautiful!

A part of the job, we go sometimes with Veronica to some of the near villages to do some shopping, staff, etc. Good to go out a little of the

I bought a new book “The shadow of the sun” of the polish writer Ryszard Kapuscinski. Experiences of this journalist around Africa 50 years ago.

I spend The Christmas here. A good dinner on the 24th, Church at the oldest church of Australia and Christmas lunch at the marvelous Cattle that George (Australia) is taking care.
Spend the 25th of December in a swimming dress in a lovely swimming pool and great weather, doesn’t looks like Christmas, isn’t it? Is not the same to be with my family, but I think is the best Christmas I could have far from home...

When I was leaving Veronica’s place to Sydney, I decide to stay a couple of days more because Veronica offers me to stay and let me use her spare car to be able to go to the train station to Sydney...
So I visit Sydney and I sleep with the horses.

At Sydney I meet Cathy (that I first meet in Hong Kong and she came to visit a friend, Carine). Opera House, Botanic Garden, China Town, etc...

And for NY eve I also meet Victor, Marta, Antje and Lisa (that I know from Melbourne). We went to a Couchsurfing meeting to watch the fireworks and spend the afternoon...
Very spectacular!

I sleep at Poly’s (Victor’s van) because I couldn’t find anything else... and to start the 2011 great, I go with Cathy to the Blue Mountains!

Great views, waterfalls and a walk to don’t forget, The Valley of the Waters walk!

Last day around Sydney with rain... I cross the bridge walking, I took a ferry, I visit the museum of Modern Art (free) and I sleep doing CS at Chelsea’s Place, where Victor was staying.

Goodbye Australia! See you next time!

Some Photos
2010-12-New South Wales (AU) https://photos.app.goo.gl/vs3JQEEmHjUdFtCz6

Versió catalana

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