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Monday, December 20, 2010

Victoria. Great Ocean Road and Melbourne..

Getting in at Victoria State through the Great Ocean Road is a good entry...
I do it with the van, looking at the local scenery which can seem unreal, leading to the sea and mountains.
After visiting the Twelve Apostles, we go to Johanna Beach where there is a campground of the national park.

A beautiful beach and a good place to rest after the long day we had.

From the sunset to the sunrise sleeping and we wake early morning to keep going doing some stops and walks. Rain Forests and waterfalls... beautiful....
We give back the van just in time. I’m already at Melbourne!
The first’s days I’m doing Couchsurfing at Selina and Alice place (Malaysia-Canada/ Canada) and 3 Couchsurfers more, Victor (Madrid), Anja (Germany) and Felix (Germany). All four sleep in the living room with mattress and sleeping bags...
Next day they are going (with another German girl, Lisa) to Phillip Island for a couple of days with “Poly”, the van of Victor. I join them!

After drive around the island, we see the sunset from a very nice beach... where we end up having the dinner. One option was sleep at the beach, but the area is controlled and is not allowed to stay, so we look for a place to park the Poly and the tent.

We find a good place. Well, we don’t realize it till next morning, when we see that we have a beach views
We have lunch at the beach.... but raining!. So, we decide to come back to Melbourne.
Selina has prepared a really nice Chinese food dinner for us and for a new couchsurfer, Clara (Vigo)... This night we sleep 5 people at the living room and one at the van! Selina, Alice and Victor play guitar and sing till the energies goes. It’s a luxury going to sleep with live music!
Next day I’m the only couchsurfer left, the others went to the Great Ocean Road.
I do visit the City, I get lost, and I find myself again. I liked!
I visit museums, I go to a concert in a music shop called “Basement Discs”, and I walk thought the parks of the city.
On Saturday I go with Selina to St. Andrews Market in St. Andrews an hour away by car from Melbourne. This is a market of farmers and organic materials in the middle of the bush. I eat a huge falafel with tai tea.
We had dinner at “Lentil as Anything” inside an old convent, now for the community cultural spaces, restaurants and coffee shops. The Philosophy of this restaurant is to cook vegetarian food with the help of volunteers, and you “Pay as you feel”. (www.lentilasanything.com)
We came back to have breakfast! Today, we’ll do a graffiti route in Melbourne with Selina as a guide.
Days to discover Melbourne like if I were living in. With a little routine of taking the tram to the area I want to explore and walk, get lost and find myself again, sea, parks, etc.

Those days have been greats, and greater has been staying with Alice and Selina (that they ended hosting me for two weeks!). Both are really nice and I’m sure I’ll see them again... Maybe in Portugal, because they have a project to open a dumpling restaurant there! (8-Folds)
Their house is always things going on… good food dishes, music, talks, etc….
Melbourne is a city to live for a while.
Night bus to Sydney to go to Winsor where I want to do wwoofing for a week in a Horse Cattle.

Some Photos
2010-12-Victoria (AU) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ae2qaFzzQV5kp5gLA

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