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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Between Auckland and Santiago, the longest day in my live

It has been the longest Sunday ever. When I say long, I mean it has been extremely long, a total of 36 hours being Sunday 16 of January 2011.
And what I did all this hours?

Well… starting with some night live in Auckland with Sarah, sleeping few hours (not many because I had to pack all my staff) and going to the airport to take the plane.
At the cue to check in, I meet Asunción, a Chilean going back after being in a wedding in New Zealand and, as many of the Chileans that I meet till now, they like to meet people and share histories.
At the airplane we seat next to each other … 9 hours watching movies, talking and trying to sleep.

I arrive at Santiago, change Continent, change language, changes…
The most estrange for me is the change of time... I took the plane at 16:30 of 16 January in Auckland, and I arrive at 12:30 of 16 January... I’ve win time even the flight was 9 hours!
Asunción offers to give me a ride to Susana’s place (Couchsurfing/Chile). Her husband and her kids are waiting at the airport and they give me the ride… good start, no?

Susana offers me stay in a nice room with toilet at her apartment. She is also engineer, she left all her obligations for travel for a while and now she is coming back . She find a good job, and she still have few weeks off…
I arrive, I take a shower and we eat something.
And we go to Parc Padre Hurtado where there is a Beer festival, Bierfest Santiago that for 5 euros entrance you can try all kinds of beers of the festival… Sun, music and good beer.

Doesn’t end the day here, first we go around Bellavista neighborhood and we take the car lane to go up to Cerro San Cristóbal. Mote con huesillo to drink with a really good panoramic view of Santiago while the sun is getting down.
Susana meets her friend Jorge (also Couchsurfing, Chile) at a Japanese-Chile restaurant. To drink I try the classic Pisco Sour.

Jorge is a journalist in a television and never end to tell histories and jokes. Is impossible to get bored with Susana and Gorge together!
We go back to Susana’s place…

At 00:00 of 17 January I clean my teeth’s and I go to sleep.

Long long day….

Versió catalana

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