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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aukland and Coromandel peninsula

Sarah (That I meet on the bus from Vang Vien and Luang Prabang in Laos) is waiting for me at the Airport of Auckland.

She invites me to stay few days at her place. She lives in a 2 bedroom house in Glenfield, Auckland. Is Sunday, so we do dinner, movie and sleep.

In the morning she have to work, I go with her to Takapuna where she works. Here is where I slept two nights in the adventure with the motor-home last year with Albert, David and Santi.

I do a walk along the coast, I visit the i-side and I spend some time at the library reading about South America. I have Japanese lunch with Sarah and I lie down at the shadow of the trees next to the beach. Perfect to read and listen some music.

After Sarah finish to work, went with her to feed her two horses! Yes she does have two beautiful horses!

Next day she let me her car while she is working to go to Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. I do a walk in Piha, lunch at the beach and contemplating at some lookouts.

Friday... I went to the centre of Auckland with some rain following me and after lunch I took a ferry to Devonport where I meet Sarah. We went to North Head and after to drink some beers with her friends and dinner in a thai.

Rangitoto Island it was one of my things to do list in this stop in New Zealand (Like Piha and Coromandel). Is no more than 700 years old volcano just in front of Auckland. Well, Saturday morning we took a ferry to Rangitoto and we climbed and also we went to a very cool lava caves. (Track of the walk)

On Sunday I do Sunday. And at the afternoon we went to have dinner at Sarah’s mother where I meet her brother that he has been recently doing some volunteering in Cameroun. We talk.

New week, new place. I take a bus to Coromandel Peninsula. Tree Hours along the coast thru the narrow roads to Whitianga.
Backpacker in front of the beach with sea views from the bed!
The firs think I do is go for a walk.... I buy some food, I go to the library and I take the ferry to go walking to Shakespeare Cliff. I’m done and I go back to the backpackers.
But before get to the room, I see two girls with a shovel between her hands. I ask if they were going to see the Hot Water Beach and if I can join them. So I went with this two North American girls to Hot Water Beach by car.
You have to go there at low tide, and this week is only at 6AM and 6PM. At 6PM is packed of tourists.
The phenomenon of seeing the sand boiling is spectacular.

Next morning I go to Hahei and I walk to see the Cathedral Cove. A little bit beach time, reading and sunset while I’m preparing my dinner.

I have to wake up early to get the bus to Coromandel Town, a very very small town.
At the backpacker I meet a Kiwi, Mark (Napier, NZ) he offer me to go with him by car to see the north of the peninsula. Roads unsalted and virgin beaches!

At the afternoon I meet Taina (Finland) also at the backpackers and the next morning w ego for a walk thru the forests near the village and beach at the afternoon.

Map of Coromandel Town

And a nice sunset to say goodbye to Coromandel.

I go back to Auckland and I meet again Sarah. BBQ at the pool with her friends.

The last day in Auckland I do the walk Coast to Coast, really cool walk.

 At night we went to another BBQ and some night clubs.
Sarah has been a really nice host!

Some Photos
2011-01-Auckland and Coromandel (NZ) https://photos.app.goo.gl/DfyMiuCGiHmPwsXp8
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