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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Central Australia

I arrive at Alice Springs from the sky, after almost three hours of dry and lonely landscape.

When I got out from the plane I have a temperature chock 37 degrees with heavy sun.

Alice Spring is the most important city in the center of Australia... 4 streets, supermarkets, banks and bars.
I walk around and I see the sunset from Anzac Hill.

4:40AM my alarm ring. They pick me up to go to the 6 days “road-safari” to Adelaide.
Long long roads... not real.

The first thing we do is a walk thought the Kings Canyon and see how amazing is the panoramic views.

And we arrive at the camping site just to see the sunset with Uluru next to us. Dinner, fireworks at the ground and sleep!!!

As the day before at 3:50AM my alarm rings! There is no mistake... 3:50AM!!!! If you want to see the sunset at Uluru, you have to wake up very early! What I can tell you... it worth.

Then we walk around Urulu.

All central Australia is the first time in 30 years that all the landscape is green! The rains along the lasts months has the explanation of that.

At 30 kilometers of Uluru we do a small walk at the fascinating Kata Tuja where we contemplate the majestic feature of this ancient geological formation. Jason (our guide, AU) try to explains how this formations occurs 600 million years ago... more or less.

After lunch we visit the cultural center of Uluru where we can see/listen some histories about how the aboriginals lives, and some of the meanings of the rituals and the sacred places. At the actuality is difficult to visit a aboriginal community. They had enough, and after I saw some aboriginals of the “Stolen generation” with very big problems with alcohol and drugs, I understand.

Sunset with sparkling wine and some snacks at the Urulu’s sunset viewing point... great!

Next day is road time... till South Australia border... in another post!

Some Photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/bHaG8mV2sxEnPPDTA ---
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