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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guangzhou (廣州) and Hong Kong (香港)

At Guangzhou I did couchsurfing in Chalne’s place at the same time as Adam (USA) and Bruno (Switzerland). My First experience of CS doing this trip has been so positive: People so nice and nice house.

The first day didn’t stop rain even for a second, and I finish completely wet... The second I visit the park Xuexiu were I expend almost all day.

In Hong Kong I meet again with Jon, and stayed in a very cheap accommodation in a big building where you could film a movie simply putting some camera in any corner of the thousands of corridors…

Next morning I meet Fiona and Niklas to go for a walk at the Soho. In the Ferry that connects Kowloon and Hong Kong Island we meet Cathy (HK), and she join us in our visit to the Soho.

We went to see the sunset at Victoria Peak (550m high) by Tram, to make a photo session of the buildings by night.

Niklas and Fiona went to take their flights and the rest we went to eat and sleep. I will miss them...

The next day is a beach and walk in Lamma Island about half an hour by Ferry from Central Pier. We walk from Young Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan, doing some stop at Hung Shing Ye Beach and Lo So Shing Beach. I needed some salt water on my body! We went to eat some fresh fish at Sok Kwu Wan.

I finish the day walking through Mong Kok area looking for a netbook for Jon. I avoit to buy the Nikon D90... the think I have to carry all the time… I will see if I can resist in japan...

Wednesdays are the museums day in HK (are free). I meet with Cathy, She have the day off, and we visit the history museum of HK and the exhibition "Lofty Integrity: Donation of Works by Wu Guanzhong " at Museum of Art and we have lunch in a nice restaurant to eat Dim Sum!

At the afternoon we went to Cheung Chau Island to walk around the fishing village. We visit the Cheung Po Tsai Caves, and we saw the almost sunset at Tin Hau Temple. We had nice dinner at the fishing village... Nice day

Last day in Hong Kong has been relaxing day. I did sent a 5 kg box to home with guides, books and some gifts that I suppose will arrive in 2 month. I bought the Lonely Planet of Japan, I walked through the Soho of HK and I took my last Star Ferry.

Now I have to take a plane after more than 4 months travelling by land...

Some Photos
2010-09-Guangzhou i Hong Kong (CN) https://photos.app.goo.gl/LpSB64cyQ6uqdNdc7

Versió catalana

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