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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pulau Perhentian Kecil

I had looked from Tarragona come to this island ... mainly because May is a great place for diving there.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon, I shaved, and I have booked to the course for getting my Open Water Dive (with this certificacion you can do dives up to 18m deep.)

I did the course with a Norwegian girl and a English instructor, and I feel happy to immerse myself and Sumberg me breathe normally through these waters.

The second night I was on the island, I meet 3 Spanish at the Moon Light Resort.
I also know Quim, who has a restaurant and bar for a few months and we were talking about a project that is very interesting. I hope he will start it, and see if it goes well!
The course I have done in 3 days ... full time. I once done, relax a little, snorkeling and night.

This island is very small. There is a very small fishing village at one end and two main beaches where are the most of accommodations, restaurants, shops and diving centers. There are no roads or streets. Just a few paths through the forest with lush beaches unites people. To reach the caves, you have to go by sea or the forest of adventure.

The last day I made an immersion in an old sugar Wreck. Spectacular!

I never had been so long in the water as this week.

After a week I make the bag and I head to Kota Bharu, to me the visa for Thailand, which would come to earth for a visa only 14 days ...

Some photos 
2010-05-Perhentians Islands (MY) https://photos.app.goo.gl/S2s7taAx1LqWoW7Q8

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