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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kota Bharu

Leave a island like Perhentians Kecil island is always difficult ... but my trip continues ...
I left the island with Jorge (Madrid-Ireland) and Raul (San Sebastian-London) and we stop at Kota Bharu, coastal city next to the border with Thailand.
We check in to Menara Guest House. Single room with air conditioning and breakfast RMY 25. The owners are very attentive and friendly! We meet other travelers there.
Apart from getting off all the sand of the body and luggage, we watched a movie and went to dinner at Night Food Market.

The next day I'm going to make visa for Thailand to get it the next day. If you ever go to make one, be sure you bring a visa photos with you... I had to return to the city to make me the passport photos!
The visa for two months i got for free cose the incidents in Bangkok.

Once I made the request for a visa, I turn to Kota Bharu with Raul. Central Market, Museum of the second world war, etc ...
For dinner we return to the Night Food Market with other travelers (Colombia, Poland) living in the Netherlands. And at 1 am the Barça match!

The idea was to leave the next day, but we are so good in this city, so I decided to stay another day ...
I Pock up the passport and did another walk this time with Jorge.

In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant and we eat some crabs and fresh fish. Delicious.

Now it's time for Thailand.

Some photos 

2010-05-Kota Bharu (MY) https://photos.app.goo.gl/XeYy17YmA1LDX9Py9

Versió catalana

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