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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pedals de Foc (Pedals of Fire). MTB route around the perimeter of Aigüestortes National Park and Lake Sant Maurici

This September we made the Carros de Foc (Pedals of Fire) in 4 stages , 220km and 6500m of ascent accumulated .
This is the bike version of the famous Carros de Foc (Chariots of Fire)
We have chosen the cheapest option at Pedals de Foc , that include the acomodation, dinners, breakfasts, the transportation of ours bags and the transport to the southern part of the tunnel of Vielha.

So we doing the first night Vielha, we have to be at 8 in the morning at the pick up point of the van that will take us to the southern side of the Vielha tunnel .


1st stage. Conangles ( Boca South Vielha Tunnel ) - Castellars . 51km and 1637m

Perfil 1a etapa Conangles - Castellars
From Conangles we have to do 2 km on the road because since the begining of the summer the floods took away a bridge. And till Vilaller we have a couple of steep climbs .
From there stard the climb to Coll de Serreres, and the path start to be technical and sometimes we have to put the foot down. The path is marked as " Ribagorza Romantic" .
We pass Coll and once we crossed the river Noguera de Tor we climb to Iran where we eat some cannelloni at Casa Joanot . The uphill continues through Irgo and Gotarta , and then go downhill to Malpàs where we taje a paved path to where we have to sleep, Castellars .

2nd stage Castellars - Espui . 41km and 1513m
Perfil 2a etapa Castellars - Espui

We started the day climbing up until Erta and down to Les Esglesies pasing throuhgt Sas and Sentís, where we eat a snack before tackling the Coll de L’Oli. Until the final stretch we did on the bike , but the last section we had to walk.
The first part of the descent was like the last uphill stretch , so had to put the foot down few times.
Once at Aguirò we finish the stage by road till Espui where we stay at Casa Sastre .

3rd stage Espui - Son . 54km and 1753m
Perfil 3a etapa Espui - Son
After breakfast we start the dreaded Coll Triador ( 2100m ) . The views at the top is stunning ...
From there the track plans for a 20km having to overcome a couple of Colls.
We stopped to eat at a picnic area and we take a swim in the river ...
Once we reach Boi , down to the village and after a Coke, we make the way to Son where we sleep.

4th stage Son - Vielha . 61km and 1613m
Perfil 4a etapa Son - Vielha
We leave Son to enter into Bosc de Gedar (the forest raspberries), a magnificent fir forest that is not allowed passing on rhe bike, so we walk.
Between us we have a bike-hunter of mushrooms, Santi , who argues that cycling is a perfect way to hunt mushrooms ....
Once at Refugi del Gerdar we go down until Sorpe and continue to Alos d'Isil by Road and we continue on a good path that follows the river Noguera Pallaresa till the Refugi de Montgarri where we stopped to eat a sandwich .
We just have to go up and down till Beret and the downhill to Vielha.

And we finished the pedals de foc!

Very highly recommended !

Some Photos
2013-09 Pedals de Foc (CAT) https://photos.app.goo.gl/sHQUpDDu7y6cqjZJ7

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