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Thursday, April 29, 2010

First stop, London

After a few lunches, dinners, beer, snacks, coffees, teas and moves, it's time to take a plane to London.

Unlike the past few days to Tarragona, I was a little nervous and overwhelmed, my arrival in London I suddenly relaxed.
I'm at Jasmine and Chantal home in Canada Water area. I know Jasmine from my time in London 10 years ago, and always gets me back with open arms.
First night: BBQ + Barça - Inter. Now we all know how it ended ... BBQ went very well ....

Second day: go running along the Tames, arranged the flight from Bangkok (as will the issue later), lunch at the house and go out for coffee at Borough Market, visit the Tate Modern, a couple of pints two pubs and curious Vietnamese eat dinner take-away at home.
Tomorrow relax and walk around Greenwich Park I guess ... we'll see!

We visit Wapping Hydraulic Power Station where Wapping Project programs exhibitions.

I had booked the flight to Bangkok, And I have changed to another destination, Singapore, at no additional cost. The conflict with the shirts in red and the Thai government have the right.

Some photos
2010-04-London (UK) https://photos.app.goo.gl/G2dDijoRq9S4PDpE9

Versió catalana

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