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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some days in Lisbon

Versió Catalana Traducción Automática al Castellano
Second Part. Some days in Lisbon. (View the first Part)
Map of Lisbon

Starting the year traveling is priceless

Lisbon welcomes us with sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
Cathy works at a high-end hotel in HK, and they give a few days each year to use at the hotel chain network ... neither more and nothing less than the Four Seasons!
Backpackers at Four Seasons .... a little weird ...

We go out for dinner at The Food Temple, a small vegetarian restaurant that has mounted by Alice (that she host me doing Couchsurfing at Melbourne!).
I loved the food and I loved to see Alice again!

In the morning we buy the travelcard day (Bilhete diário Carris/Metro for 6€) that allows us to take metro, buses, trams and some elevator for 24h (24h... I just repeat that because the last day when we took the metro to the airport we were able to use the card from the day before)

We visit Belem. The tower, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and we try the Pastéis de Belém. (Just to know. On Sundays you can go in for free at the main touristic places in Lisbon. We didn’t have sunday...)

We go at barrio alto. and we go up with the Elevador da Bica, and we look a place to eat. At the afternoon we take the 28th tram and we visit the Castelo de São Jorge.


We have dinner at Cervejaria da Trindade ofl Barrio Alto before go to sleep... we are really tired.

We rent a car.... and we visit Sintra (Palacio Nacional de Sintra and Palacio da Pena), we have lunch, and on the way to Cabo da roca we visit Santuário da Peninha. At Cabo we see the sunset...brillant!

We wake up late.... Breakfast and walk around Barrio Baixo. We visit the Igreja de São Domingos (the burn church).
With the 28th Tram from Martin Moniz till Graça, from where we descend walking till Alafama...

At the afternoon we visit FX Factory, an old industrial area with galleries, shops, coffee shops and restaurants just under the bridge 25 of April.
We contemplate the sunset at Miradouro du Santa Catalina, I cut my hair in the oldest Barbershop of europe and we finally listen some fado while we have dinner at barrio Alto...

Next morning we take the flight back to barcelona where after lunch we visit the Gòtic area, we see the Three Kings Parade and japanese restaurant for dinner...

The last day of holidays for Cathy and me... we have family lunch (of the kings day) and we packed the bag before go to watch the football mach Barça - Espanyol with friends.

Somos Photos
2013-01-Lisboa (POR) https://photos.app.goo.gl/SJSpkJGp3ZYcimVo7

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