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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rediscovering Catalonia and Lisbon with Cathy

Versió CatalanaTraducción Automática al Castellano 

On Boxing Day (Sant Esteve) has arrive direcly from Honk Kong my friend Cathy that I met at Hong Kong  and we coincide again at the New Years Eve in Sydney. She wanted to come for hollidays around, and we finally end up visiting a bit of Catalonia and Lisbon.

1st part. Rediscovering the Catalonia I know.... (See 2n part)
Visit the city that you live as a tourist it's okay once in a while, especially if the city has so much history like Tarragona.
The first days of the we visit the Roman ruins of the Roman Praetorium, the Circus, the Amphitheatre, the Roman City Walls , the aqueduct an we also go to tuch iron (Tocar ferro) at the end of the Rambla.

Curiosities of life when we were walking by the walls coincide with three tourists from Hong Kong ... They join us to come to see the Aqueduct us.

From here, a couple of days on the road ... We could put this headline:
Tour around Catalonia in 2 days
Day 1
We visit the Monastery of Montserrat. We ascend with zipper and we go to see the Moreneta. We heading towards to Olot by la Fageda d'en Jordà. (a great beech forest) We visit Besalu while lit lamps that illuminate the fortified bridge and we sleep in Figueres.

Day 2
After breakfast we visit the spectacular Teatre-Museu Dalí (that has been a wile I haven't visit ) and we go to eat at Cadaques. And to end we visit must Girona (I love Girona!)


On December 30 we join The 1st Silvestre of Renau (running and walking race), that have been organized for some friends. A good way to end the year
We also go to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat of Montferri and Santes Creus before going to lunch at my mother's house.

To end the year we walk along the coast of Tarragona. We go to Tamarit and Altafulla. Lunch at the Serrallo and prepare the bags for Lisbon.

We had dinner with friends in Renau, we do the bells with 12 grapes, and we threw fireworks in the town square until they finish! And we play the characters and movies in English ... so much fun!

A really good end of the year

Some Pothos
2012-12-Catalunya (CAT) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Rhous5s6MfFNBxbg7

See the 2n part

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