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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camino del Cid (Burgos to Tortosa in mtb)

Traducción Automática al Castellano

Bike time!
Santi and I have been preparing a trip of few days with ours mountain bike and panniers. The addiction to mountain biking continues!

With the Camino del Cid as a base paths, that goes from Burgos to Valencia by a variant ending in Catalonia.
We design the trip with some routes that we have found in Wikiloc and looking for some possible ways with Google Earth. We had several alternatives into ours GPS. We did a search for accommodation prior to the villages where we intend to sleep, although we have not booked any. We carry a tent and sleeping bag if we want to camp.

We went to Burgos by bus from Tarragona stopping at Zaragoza (44 € cycling). Trains (Renfe) not support bikes on trains Intercity or trains Alvia. The only trains that support bikes are the train-hotel but arrive at Burgos at 3 in the morning!