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Thursday, May 17, 2012

II Congress of bloggers Around the World

This Saturday I was with 28 bloggers and 400 attendees at the Second Congress of Bloggers Around the World Tour at Alexandra Teatre ... Organized by Travel Club (Marc and Mireia)

8 hours of lectures on information from countries, routes, quotes, blogs, experiences, problems, new friends ... but also about dreams, challenges and life projects.

I met three travelers who I had met while I was traveling! Bruno, Karen and Jordi... and I meet many new ones!

My speech was about places you pleasantly surprised. With a little nervous and embarrassed I tried to explained the surprise of some places that surprised me most of my trip...

When I prepared my presentation, I choose a place on every continent where I was:

Road to Shangri-La (Yunnan) to Litang (Sichuan), China
Southern Japan, Kagoshima, Yakushima and Kirishima-yaku national park
Magnetic Island, Australia
Bolivia. March was even less

And, what I was trying to explain on my presentation is that the valuation of the places you visit , depends on many things ... previous expectations, with whom you are with, the weather...
And if you let the high expectations with a drawer, you might also enjoy the trip!

The beer post-conference and dinner ended up making the day such as flies round the world!
Talking to other passengers (who have vaulted or flying around or who have surrounded around and want to continue ...) it's a therapy.

Thanks to all and see you soon!

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