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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pedales de Lava. Pedals of Lava Lanzarote in a pure state.

After a fast week in Tarragona, I return to the backpack live. This time I travel with three friends and an objective ... Make the route with mountain bike Pedals of lava, which covers the island ofLanzarote and La Graciosa.

The route of Pedales Lava is by a type of terrain that makes hard route, but with the greatsvolcanic landscapes of the island's at the background.

This trip I've already planned before returning to Tarragona. Santi and Jordi were plotting to do this trip, and I arrange the dates to go with them and convince David for joining us ... I am super happy to go one week trip with my friends!

We have coordinated all with www.pedalesdelava.com who have been great. (Nowadays is www.vulcanbike.com/)

We do the route in 5 stages:1- Puerto del Carmen - Orzola. 66km i 390m asc.acumul.
2- La Graciosa. 31 km i 300m asc. acuml.
3- Orzola - Caleta de Famara. 53km i 1300m asc. acumul.
4- Caleta de Famara - Playa Blanca. 71km i 750m asc. acumul.
5- Playa Balnca - Puerto del Carmen. 34km i 700m asc. acumul.

1st Stage:
First day, 66km after more than two months of not touching a bike (and was to do downhill only ...). The terrain seems quite flatter, we have little wind and not very sun. The first part is promenades, but once finished, start the paths full of rocky with some points where the sand makes you do acrobatics for not stop at every two meters. At Arieta we stop to eat and we continue to arrive in Orzola where we catch the ferry to the island of Graciosa. And fresh fish for dinner at Caleta de Sebo with Adolfo (a guy from Jaca which also do the route).

2nd Stage:
Day to enjoy the island of Graciosa that is a pearl. The cyclable part of the island is quite flatas we go around the volcants. We stop at idyllic beaches like Playa de Las Conchas and Jordi and Santi go to climb the Montaña Amarilla with cycling shoes (what guys!).
And when we got back at Caleta de Sebo, tranquility, swimming in a natural swimming pools and good food accompanied by wine.
La Graciosa! What magical place!

3rd Stage:
Stage hard. After leaving the island with a desire to stay longer, we start from Orzola climbing from sea level to 500m ... The views are worth it! From here begins a long stretch up and down until we reach the old capital of Lanzarote, Teguise. And we only need go down to the sea ... Until Caleta de Famara, the surfing beach of Lanzarote.

4th Stage:
The fourth day is the longest of all, 71km. The route lined the spectacular Timanfaya National Park ("team on fire" for us because the heat) for a small volcanic rock tracks that increases the difficulty of the terrain and with an mugginess that does suffer a bit.
The stage is long, but the legs seem that are already prepare to do this shaped .
When we arrive at Playa Blanca rest facing the last stage ... however, with swim in the pool!

5th Stage:
The last stage of Ajaches is harder than it looks ... An up and down roads filled with gravel that make it difficult to go on the bike. The creeks that we are spectacular, and the water is super good!
After completing the stage and take a shower , we collect the award jersey and we make a photo ...

The next day we make a day of touristic visits around the island (this time by car ...) We visit the Visitor Center of Timanfaya before lunch, we visit the Timanfaya National Parkand we do a small walk through the sorroundings of the park .
Later we go to the area of Geria and we do the guided tour of Bodegas Stratvs (it seems more to be a laboratory - or a nightclub than a wine cellar). The wine tasting let us very happy ...

Finally we drive around to see the sunset at the Bay of el Lago Verde, where we eat a delicious rice.

The nightlife of Puerto del Carmen we could say it is like salou ... and we do not like ...

A great week shared with friends!

Some Photos
2011-10-Lanzarote. Pedales de Lava (ESP) https://photos.app.goo.gl/c9AabwWzsJ166xwU6

Versió Catalana

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