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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Santander. Barichara, Guane and San Gil

It took a very long bus journey to arrive at Barichara. The traffic was the main reason...
In Barichara you can see a village with that takes care of the town... you can see restored houses, painted white and blue and a streets with a very relaxed atmosphere.
After find accommodation in a residence pretty goodl, I go for a walk to see the town at night and eat something.

I do the walk of Camino Real to Guane. Road pavement in some sections between crops and farms in the valley. In Guane, it seems that the time has stood still, and is smaller than Barichara... only tourists came here. Almost all the houses are accommodation rural tourism and hand craft stores. I walk and I let myself relax in the tranquility of the people ...

For lunch I return to Barichara to discover the town by day light. Very Nice.
The next morning I go to San Gil early morning with the intention to go directly to the National Park Chicamocha for at night buy a ticket to Santa Marta.

The road is close for a cycling race and will be closed until 13h. So, I decided to visit some things in San Gil and go to Bucaramanga to make time to take the bus to Santa Marta and view from the road and in the light of day in the Santander Canyon National Park Chicamocha. Great!

Now I’m going to the see the ocean..., a little part of the Caribbean Sea ...

Some photos
2011-08-Santander (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/9WQS3jvC82t4v8WC8

Versió catalana

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