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Monday, August 29, 2011

Magdalena. Santa Marta and Tayrona

I arrive at Santa Marta and I go direct to Taganga by motorbike. Taganga us a smal village next to the beach, fisherman's and gringos. I have arrived to the Colombian Caribbean sea.

After choosing a hostel ( I choose the Ocean Reef hostel, smal and cheap) I go for lunch and also to watch the final of the European Super Cup... Barça wins!!!!

The night bus ride leave me without energyt, I rest for a bit at the hostel. When the sunlight disappears, I go for diner with three Chileans girls that stay as well at the hostel. There is some Gringo party like Salou (summer cheap holiday destination)... I have enough of Taganga.

Early morning I go to Santa Marta with an light backpack for a three days trekking in the Tayrona National Park. I buy food and water before I take the bus to the Park. 

Map of a part of Parque Nacional Tayrona

This is spectacular pretty. The sea, the jungle and the mountains goes toghether and even the high number of visitors still maintain some virgin spirit.

I walk with the calm, more contemplating than walking to be honest. As I find a small creek I take off my clothes and go for a swim. Is tremendous!
I arrive till Cabo San Juan de Guia where I camp and I go to swim again...
Next morning I go to Pueblito, a ruins of an indigenous Tairones village and they are in the middle of the jungle.

Rest, beach, reading and contemplation. This is how I spend the days in the park.

When I got back at Santa Marta I stay at the centre, at Alojamiento San Jorge (Cheap, clean and comfortable). Greg and Marie recommend it to me, they arrive later from the park.

At Santa Marta apart of sleep, I walk around the city like if I'm looking for something in concret... I gess I need to eat... So, I eat a menu.

I doupt about if I do the tour of the trekking to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). Costs 600.000COP (about 300US$) for 4 days. I decide to go to Guajira instead.
I’m going to Guajira with Greg and Marie.

Some photos
2011-08-Magdalena (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/K1hwjAWwxhi4JuDz9

Versió catalana

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