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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bogotà and wedding at Espinal!

Leaving the Amazon
I arrive at Bogota arround 17h, and I go by local bus to a hostel in the center of bogota. The day after I’ve arrange to go walking with a Couchsurfer, and host me for two nights...
At the hostel I see that I have a missatge on Facebook of Ana Milena (the Colombian girl that I meet in China one year ago). This weekend is in Bogota and we said that we could meet. She have party with her friends and she invites me... Of course I go!
After find the apartment, I meet again with Ana (after a year I haven’t go back home, and I’m meeting people that I meet traveling!). The group of friends are mostly ex-collages of the work she did in the Expo of Shanhai.

I try the colombian aguardiente, we talk about how goes ours lives (mine still the same)... Ana introduce me to Mauricio, and he say that I cannot miss one thing that happen tomorrow, the wedding of one cousin of him at his villatge! I say that I have to walk... but he insist and I accept at ones! I call the Couchsurfer to apologise.
Mauricio lives with Carlos and they adopt me for few days! I left the hostel the same night and I stay at they nice apartment.
Next morning, after breakfast, check the car and check what can I wear, we go to Espinal. Three hours going down from the 2600m that is Bogota...
We go tree cars... Mauricio, Carlos and I, Alex with Stella and Lorena (Mauricio’s sister) with Stella.

We arrive at the Hotel for lunch and then to the wedding! Carlos is the Honor testimony!
The ceremony is very similar that the ones I’ve seen in Catalonia. Ones the ceremony is over we go to the restaurant with a dance flor!!
I speak a lot with Mauricio’s father and I dance with Stella and Lorena.

Next morning (after sleep) is swim time at the pool... For lunch we go to a very “chevere” place. I eat the tongue of the cow.

We go back to bogota with the new marriet couple. They have to take a plane next morning to Cartagena.
I do sleep a lot next morning...
I go for lunch with Mauricio and at the afternoon I visit the center of Bogota. I loved the Botero museum.

They have been very nice, they are super good hosts!
We arrange a day to go to visit Villa de Leyva together when I go back.
I take north direction.

Some photos
2011-08-Bogotà i Espinal (COL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/YZjcLuWqazfNL21S9

Versió catalana

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