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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

La Paz and Coroico

When we get to La Paz we just can rest. We do a little walk and that’s all. It’s freezing…
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In the following day, after breakfast we go to walk La Paz. We go to Plaza Murillo and then we split to go to the lookout of Killi Killi. I’m going walking and the Ana’s try to go by bus.
The views of the lookout are spectaculars. I don’t see the Ana’s anywhere... theoretically they should arrive before by bus than walking...

I wait twenty minutes and then I keep going to visit the city. I love Calle Jaen!
Narrows streets with houses and museums that make this area very quiet and relaxing.

At the acommodation we meet again with Ana’s and we go to contract the tour to do the downhill biking tour through the old Carretera de la Muerte (3600m of downhill!) and when we're going to pay. Anna decides to start keep going to Peru because she has short time left. Ohhhhhhh! So we have to say goodbye again (or a see you later), and we do this in an Asian restaurant.

Early morning Ana and I go to the hotel where we have to eat breakfast and start the bike tour. We go by van to La Cumbre (the top) at 4600m, and from there we bike downhill. The first hour is salted road... and after 20 more minutes by van we start the old dead road. Road that till 10 years ago was the only communication to the north of Bolivia. I really enjoy the ride!
The downhill ends at Yolosa where we have lunch ready and swimming pool.

Once we had lunch and some rest, Ana and I go to Coroico. We have brought our bag packs on the van of the tour.

I like Coroico, a tiny town at the top of a hill with great views of the green valley’s surrounding it. Near Coroico there are Afro-Bolivians communities, and you can find some black “mamitas”....

At Coroico we visit “Las tres Cascadas”, a very simple walk perfect for the day after of the biking (my arms still hurt). At the evening there is a local party Fiesta del Calvario....

Next day we want to Tupiña and we don’t want to come back late.

The path to Tupiña start downhill tills the river, and once we cross it uphill.... Tupiña is an Afro-Bolivian community… just when we get there we meet a girl that shows us around. Most of the people are recollecting Coca.

Dinner and sleep, we are tired.

At 7 in the morning I put my shoes and I go to La Paz, Ana is staying for few more days.

In La Paz I see the start of la Fiesta de El Gran Poder, the biggest event in La Paz. A lot of music, dances and colors... And also alcohol.

And then to Copacabana

Some photos
2011-06-La Paz i Corico (BOL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/2mAVQzymsxGr32R36

Versió catalana

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