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Sunday, May 15, 2011


We arrive at the highest city in the world (4070m) after midnight. We take a taxi to the Hostal La Casona that we have been recommended. A colonial house with tree back yards and plenty of rooms. Our room for tree people cost 45 Bolivians per person with breakfast. There are more cheap options, but after the tour and the bus ride, we deserve a little bit more comfort, no?
In the morning we walk the city, its Sunday and there is a lot of activity. We saw on the street a kids from one school that are preparing a street dance for the next weekend with live music along the streets.

We eat at the market and we keep walk a bit the city. At the afternoon we join the projection of a documentary: El minero del Diablo (The evil miner), that explains how is the live of the miners in Potosi (many of them children). We have dinner with two French’s.
Next morning we decide to go up hill to the top of the Cerro Rico (4900m), we go with Ana (Albacete) that we meet at the hostal, but after a while we realize that we meet before in Patagonia...
We see abandoned mines and mines that still searching and searching for something on a way very manual.
The going up kills us. You can feel the high when you do exercise.

We have a nap before we go to eat something to eat and go for a drink…
We visit the Museo de la Moneda of Potosí in the morning. Is one of the more important museums in south America. You can make an idea that how much silver they took from Potosí...
At the afternoon we take the bus to Sucre.

Some photos
2011-05-Potosí (BOL) https://photos.app.goo.gl/QQzowejW7zRmRwJ9A

Versió catalana

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