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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Valle del Elqui, where the sky and the Pisco comes together

I arrive at Pisco Elqui at the evening, its dark. I changed bus at La Serena to get here, Pisco Elqui.
I stay at Hostal San Pedro. Here I meet Daniel (Switzerland), he is traveling by bike. We go for a walk around the small and empty village. We go back at the hostel to have some beers before sleep.

Next morning me and Daniel we go for a walk near Pisco Elqui. We walk as much as we can rich because the sun is heating hard and the mountains are without trees.

At the afternoon we go to visit the Pisqueria Mistral, really good guides visit with a degustation at the end.

This valley is very quiet, is very conformable to be here! Mountains without green with the borders of the small river green as heal. The river means live!

At the evening in the hostel we end up being a lot of people... two Italians, four chelonians, two French’s and the two of us. A bit of Pisco Cola and Chelonian wine.

When I wake up I pack all my staff and I heading to Vicuña, another village of the valley. When I was waiting the bus a car stops to pick up another man that was waiting to go to Vicuña, they ask me if I want to go with them...free ride!

I stay at Hospedaje y Cámping El Elquino, a very quiet and conformable place to put the tent. Daniel arrives a little bit later by his bike.

We visit the town, bigger than Pisco Elqui, and we sign up for the tour of the observatorio Cerro Mamalluca. We have Empanadas of Shrink for lunch at the town square. Is Sunday and at the square they put music and they rent electric cars for kids. You can see a lot of movement.

We eat a handmade Ice-cream of Papaya and we have a nap.

The Tour of the Observatorio Cerro Mamalluca it’s really worth it! At the darkness the guide shows us the stars of the sky, the basics of the constellations.

Later we went to the big telescope (30 cm lent) and we see Saturn like a plastic planet on the sky, awesome!


In the morning I go to la Serena to take a bus to Calama to go to San Pedro de Atacama.

Some photos
2011-04-Valle del Elqui (CHI) https://photos.app.goo.gl/DJEPA9o8UwmjMQ648

Versió catalana

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