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Friday, April 22, 2011

Buenos Aires, the second round

After leaving BA by train to Posadas, visit Iguazu, the southern coast of Brazil and Uruguay I returned to Buenos Aires.
This time I stay in San Telmo. I like the atmosphere it breathes, the cobbled streets and bars and restaurants that fill every corner.

I had this thing that sometimes happen when you are looking for something and you cannot find it even if it’s just next to you. We went to San Telmo, and see what hostel we can find, but it seems they have removed the posters... It was imposible to find any. We stop for a coffe with Christina, and we look on internet for specifics directions. We end up at the Asterion Hostel (Peru 1043) quiet and central.
We go to see the neighborhood at night and we eat a steak of chorizo, spectacular!
We were hungry ...

The next morning I walk out to the streets, and I see hostels everywhere! I visited the Museo de Bellas Artes that I needed to see. I join Christina to see the cemetery of Recoleta and walk to Retiro and Puerto Madero.
I go back to the hostel to rest ... I recibe a message from my cousin Anna telling me that she had to spend a few days in BA to fix an issue of her passport. I ask her where I am staying and if she wants to come to see the day Real Madrid - FC Barcelona at the Catalan Centre.
And after a walk around San Telmo, I have a note from Anna ... telling me that she lives 4 blocks and the next day she will come at 11 am again.
So she does, and we go for a coffee and talk about what we did since Iguassu. We visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and we bought food to make it to the hotel where she lives with Marta Ruiz (Valls and Anna's friend). Ravioli a la carbonara with mushrooms ...
When is the time of the Madrid - Barcelona, we approach at the Catalan Centre to have a place at the theater where they put the mach on a big screen ... very nice place, very excited and very catalan. We lost, but playing well ... we cannot always win ...

With Anna and Christina we went to eat something, and then we go to a Tango class where Marta is waiting for us. The place we go is Buenos Aires Club (Peru 571) Marta already has been here on the last few weeks. The place is beautiful and I do what I can try dancing and having to take the girls.
At the end of the class starts a traditional orchestra of Tango, Maldita Milonga... I enjoy it.

When we get up, I feel greater than ever before, I have 1 year more! I have a muffin with a candle for breakfast! With Christina and Anna we go to the Boca, we walk until we get tired.
I say goodbye to Christina who have to return to Germany and Anna and I we go to have a nap.

Because I liked the class of yesterday, today I do double session of dance. To begin class of folklore, specifically the dance of the chacarera, and then another of Tango. We eat some pies and we stay for dance with another great band!
Before midnight Anna and Marta surprise me with a cake! That beautiful!

As the orchestra finished we go to see what we find in San Telmo ... We end up at a karaoke singing "A quién le importa" and drinking a cola with Fernet ...

I sleep until I have to leave the bed ... I want to go today evening to Mendoza.
I bought the bus ticket and walk through the center.
I meet with Anna and Martha for dinner… Steak and roast with a flan mixto for desserts. Good way to say goodbye, right?

Some photos
2011-04-Buenos Aires de nou (ARG) https://photos.app.goo.gl/xqs4LLmcbarRFf2Y6

Versió catalana

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