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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pucón, Petrohué and Puerto Montt

I arrive at Villarica in the morning. I stop at the information point to see what I can do, I walk along the part of the lake Villarica and I visit a small museum about the Mapuche’s at the University building. The girl in charge of the museum opens for me the exhibition and explains traditions, the meaning and utility of the objects that are exposed.

I decide to go to Pucón, on the other side of the lake. A little more touristy, but closer to the volcanoes.

The first thing I do is look for accommodation. The first idea was to campsite, but I love the first refuge that I go to ask, "El Refugio”, which is like a mountain hut in the middle of Pucón.
After some rest, I go for a walk around the port and beach. The day is overcast and it seems that the volcano Villarica is hiding.

When I come back to the hostel, I meet Peter and Anika (Germany). The dinner became a Chileans wine tasting! Anika will join me to go to make the hike the next day.

So turn the alarm soon 6:45, to catch a mini bus to the start of the road.

"El Cañi" is a nature reserve that one can see the giant conifer Araucaria trees and lots of endemic fauna. The views from the lookout are spectacular, 360 degrees of forests and volcanoes.

After the walk, we do a “mote con huesillo” beside the entrance road, and decided to go to Los Pozones, some 30 km natural terms. While waiting for the bus we try to hitching, and it works. He leaves us at the door of the terms.
These terms it is about six pools of water at different temperatures along the river. We tried all of them.

When back to Pucón, we lose the mini bus we wanted to take, and not having to wait an hour, we again hitching. This time we have to wait 20 minutes to pass a car there instead. But it works!
I decided to stay an extra day in Pucón. I'm comfortable.

The next day a little more sleep, I wake up on the 10. With Anike rent a bike (theoretically) to make a quiet return ...
We stop at a Mapuche market and then we went to see the waterfalls “Los Ojos de Caburgua”. Very spectacular! But in the end we did 45 km cycling paths up and down ...
Sunset on the lake and buy a bus ticket to Puerto Varas for the next day.

In Puerto Varas rains a lot. At the bus terminal I know Calin (Romania) and tells me that wants to go to a lake that is 60 km away where you can make excursions, and there is a campsite run by the National Park. I join him.

We buy food and take a mini bus to Petrohué. We meet Jesica (Chile) she works in the National Park and she explains what we can do and how works the campsite. In Petrohué still raining and I mount the tent for the first time in the rain. I don’t know how but I keep dry all my staff.
We make friends with a couple of Santiago that is installed next to ours. They join us for the excursion the next morning.

I wake up in the rain at midnight. In the morning a ray of sunlight wake me up and I can see all the lake Todos Los Santos.

Going up to the viewpoint and following the bite to the shelter until the Desolación Paso Sector bite to eat and where we have one. Along the way the Chilean partner has turned around, and we've found Jesica with and another guide of the National Park. The return is long long ... Luckily the weather holds and we just still dry.
I am tired, sleep early... great

And the next day I wake up with one nice and warm day. Pack my tent, breakfast with Calin and relax for a while.

We take the mini bus to go to Puerto Varas, but we make a stop in Los Saltos del Petrohue. A waterfall with great views of the volcano.

In Puerto Varas we take diferents directions with Calin. I take the mini bus to Puerto Montt where I do CouchSurfing at Germán (Chile) place.

Germán lives in a house with great views of fishermen and the coast. In the morning we walk along the coast till is time for me to take the bus to the island of Chiloé.

Some Photos
2011-01-Pucon - Petrohue i Puerto Montt (CHI) https://photos.app.goo.gl/oYAJtMDYDC89Z7Uh8

Versió catalana

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